Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Latinized Places

Cambria is gaining popularity, and Brittania/Britannia also has sporadic use. There's also Lydia (although I doubt people today associate it with Asia Minor), and I've seen Scotia & Caledonia tossed around on forums as well.
While I'm not personally a fan of place-names in general, I wonder: do the Latin versions work better?

  • Anglia (ANG-lee-ah)--England
  • Avenio (ah-VEN-ee-oh)--Avignon, France
  • Berytus (BEHR-ee-toos)--Beirut, Lebanon
  • Britannia/Brittania (brit-TAN-yah)--Great Britain
  • Caledonia (kal-eh-DOHN-yah)--Scotland
  • Cambria (KAM-bree-ah)--Wales
  • Dania (DAHN-ee-ah)--Denmark
  • Fennia (FEN-nee-ah) / Finnia (FIN-nee-ah)--Finland
  • Florentia (floh-REN-tee-ah, floh-REN-shah)--Florence, Italy
  • Francia (FRAHN-kee-ah, FRAN-shah)--France
  • Galatia (gah-LAH-tee-ah, gah-LAY-shah)--central Turkey
  • Genua (GEN-oo-ah)--Genoa, Italy
  • Helvetia (hel-VET-ee-ah, hel-VEE-shah)--Switzerland
  • Hibernia (hye-BURN-ee-ah) / Ivernia (eye-VER-nee-ah)--Ireland
  • Italia (ee-TAHL-ee-ah, it-AL-yah)--Italy
  • Lentia (LEN-tee-ah, LEN-shah)--Linz, Austria
  • Londinium (lun-DIN-ee-um)--London, Great Britain 
  • Lutetia (loo-TEH-tee-ah, loo-TEE-shah)--Paris, France
  • Lydia (LEE-dee-ah, LID-ee-ah)--western Turkey
  • Melita (MEL-ee-tah, meh-LEE-tah)--Malta
  • Noricum (NOH-rik-oom)--Austria
  • Numidia (noo-MID-ee-ah)--Algeria
  • Phoenicia (fee-NEE-kee-ah, fen-EE-shah)--Lebanon & Western Syria
  • Portugallia (por-too-GAHL-lee-ah)--Portugal
  • Raetia (RYE-tee-ah, REE-shah)--western Switzerland, northern Italy, & southern Germany [basically the area around the central Alps]
  • Scotia (SKOH-tee-ah, SKOH-shah)--originally Ireland, later Scotland
  • Sena (SEH-nah)--Siena, Italy [where the modern color-name Sienna comes from]
  • Suecia (soo-EH-kee-ah) / Svecia (SVES-ee-ah)--Sweden
  • Syene (see-EN-eh, sye-EE-nee)--Aswan, Egypt
  • Tyrus (TEER-oos, TYE-rus)--Tyre, Lebanon
  • Valentia (vah-LEN-tee-ah, vah-LEN-shah)--Valencia, Spain, and Valence, France
  • Venetia (ven-EH-tee-ah, ven-EE-shah)--Venice, Italy
  • Vindelicia (veen-deh-LEE-kee-ah, vin-del-EE-shah)--Switzerland & southern Germany [above Raetia]

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