Sunday, December 4, 2016

F-abulous Names

Considering how many F-names seem to be trending (Finn and variants, Flynn, FordFisher, FletcherFelicity, Fiona, Freya), I'm surprised there aren't any except Faith in the SSA Top 100--and it's down at #91! After that, it's Finn for boys at #204 and Finley for girls at #209.
F-names were all the rage at the turn of the century (Frank, Florence, Frances/Francis, Fred, Ferdinand, Floyd, Faye, etc), and I think it's time for a comeback. ;)

(this turned into a much longer list than I had expected. How is it that there are so many F-names world-wide, but so few in use in the US?)

  • Faolán (FWEE-lawn, FWAY-lawn, Irish)--prob. "little wolf"
  • Faiz (FAH-eez, Arabic)--"victorious"
  • Fanuel (FAHN-oo-el, Scandinavian)--from Hebrew, "face of God"
  • Faramund (FAHR-ah-mund, Germanic)--"journey protection". Old Swedish form is Farmund.
  • Faris (FEHR-is, Arabic; FAH-rees, Bosnian)--from Arabic, "knight"
  • Farman (FAHR-man, Scandinavian)--"traveller". Also spelled Farmann
  • Faustin (foh-STAHN, French; FOW ['ow' like "now"] -steen, Russian)--from Latin, "lucky". Other forms include Faustyn (FOW-stin, Polish) and Faustino (fow-STEEN-oh, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish). 
  • Fen (FEN, Frisian)--nickname for Germanic frid names, "peace" [coincides with an English word for a type of wetland]
  • Ferapont (fyehr-ah-PAHNT, Russian)--from ancient Greek, "servant, caregiver"
  • Ferris (FEHR-ris, English [surname], Irish [surname])--from French, "ironworker", or a form of Fergus
  • Fife (FIFE, Scottish)--from the Scottish region, origin unknown. Also spelled Fyfe.
  • Finlo (FIN-loh, Manx)--"fair Lugh" [Irish god]
  • Finnegas (FIN-eh-gas, Irish [mythology])--poss. "Finn the Seer". Also written as Finegas or Finneces.
  • Finnvid (FIN-vid, [somewhat archaic] Swedish)--"Finn-tree" or "magician-tree"). Other forms include Finnevid (also somewhat archaic Swedish), Finnved (archaic Norwegian), and Finwith (old Danish, old Swedish)
  • Fishel (FISH-el, Yiddish)--"little fish" [also sometimes used as a nickname for Ephraim]
  • Fivos (FEE-vos, Greek)--modern masculine form of Phoebe, "light"
  • Flemming (FLEM-ming, Scandinavian [esp. Danish!])--"from Flanders" [probably ultimately from Old Frisian "of the flowing water"]. Also spelled Fleming
  • Flint (FLINT, English [surname])
  • Fordel (FOR-del, Norwegian)--from Germanic, "advantage"
  • Fosco (FOHS-koh, Italian)--prob. from Latin, "dark"
  • Fraser (FRAY-zher, FRAY-zer, Scottish, English)--also spelled Frazier
  • Fredmund (FRED-moond, Norwegian)--"peace protection"
  • Frey (FRAY, Danish, Swedish)--masculine of Freya "lord". Also spelled Frej.
  • Fulton (FUL-ton, English [surname])

  • Fabia (FAH-bee-ah, Latin, Italian)--other forms include Fabiana (fah-bee-AH-nah, Latin, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Fabienne (fah-bee-EN, French), and Fabiola (fah-bee-OH-lah, Spanish, Italian).
  • Fadime (fah-dee-MAY, Turkish)--form of Fatima
  • Faina (fah-EE-nah, Russian)--poss. from ancient Greek Phaenna, "shining"
  • Faiza (FYE-zah, Arabic)--"victorious"
  • Fanchon (FAN-shawn, French)--nickname for Françoise/Frances
  • Fanélie (fah-nay-LEE, French)--form of Françoise/Frances or Stéphanie
  • Fara (FAH-rah, Italian, Scandinavian)--nickname for Germanic fara names, "journey"
  • Fausta (FOW ['ow' like "now"] -stah, Latin, Italian)--from Latin, "lucky". Other forms include Faustine (foh-STEEN, French), Faustina (fow-STEEN-ah, Latin, Italian), and Faustyna (fow-STIN-ah, Polish). 
  • Favonia (fah-VOH-nee-ah, Latin)--"favored"
  • Fedea (fed-eh-ah, Basque)--"faith"
  • Femke (FEM-keh, Dutch, Frisian)--nickname for Germanic frid names, "peace". [coincides with the Frisian word for "girl"]
  • Fenareti (fen-ah-REH-tee, Greek)--"shining virtue". Also transliterated as Fainareti
  • Fenna (FEN-nah, Dutch, Frisian)--another nickname for Germanic frid names, "peace". Also spelled Fenne
  • Feray (feh-RYE, Turkish)--poss, "radiance of the moon"
  • Ffion (FEE-on, Welsh)--"foxglove"
  • Fia (FEE-ah, Scandinavian)--short form of Sofia
  • Fiadh (FEE-ah, Irish)--"wild" or "deer"
  • Fiadhnait (FYAH-nat, Irish)--"fawn"
  • Fiamma (fee-AHM-mah, Italian)--"flame"
  • Fiammetta (fee-ahm-MET-tah, Italian)--"little flame"
  • Fiorenza (fee-oh-REN-tsah, Italian)--form of Florence. Other forms include Florentia (floh-REN-tee-ah, Latin; floh-REN-shah, English) and Florencia (floh-REN-see-ah, Spanish). 
  • Fira (feer-AH, Russian)--nickname for Esfir/Esther
  • Flavia (FLAH-vee-ah, Latin, Spanish, Italian)--from Latin, "golden, yellow". Other forms include Flavie (flah-VEE, French), Flavienne (flah-vee-EN, French), and Flaviana (flah-vee-AH-nah, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese).
  • Freydis (FRAY-dis, Norwegian)--"lady goddess". Another form is Frøydis (FROOY [somewhere between English "ay" and "oy"] -dis). 

  • Farah (FAH-rah, Arabic)--"joy". Also spelled Farrah
  • Firdaus (FEER-dohs, Arabic; fur-DOHS, Persian)--"paradise". Also transliterated as Firdos. [definitely unisex, although more common for boys, in Arabic; might be exclusively masculine in Persian]

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Very International Names (boys)

Boys turn!
Again, I decided to try and find out what are currently the most popular name families in the Western world. This data was compiled from the 2014 or 2015 (depending on what was available) Top Names lists from 16 countries (US, England & Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Belgium).
Variants of one name were mostly all grouped together--exceptions were if the names are generally thought of as distinct names (e.g. Jacob and James) or for nicknames that have multiple full forms (so Max was counted alone, not grouped with Maxwell, Maximo, or Maxmilian).
In total there were approximately 386 name 'families', not that far off from the girls' 408.

  • William/Liam/Wilhelm/Guillermo/etc--31 instances
    Lists without: Iceland
  • Lucas/Luke/Luca/etc--31 instances
    Lists without: Iceland, Hungary
  • Alexander/Alex/Alessandro/etc--29 instances
    Lists without: Finland
  • John/Sean/Ian/Johannes/Jan/Ivan/Evan/etc--29 instances (easily the most diverse set, BTW!)
    Lists without: Finland
  • Matthew/Matteo/Matias/etc--26 instances
    Lists without: none
  • Jackson/Jack--22 instances
    Lists without: Finland, Iceland, Norway, Spain, Italy, Hungary
  • Oliver/Alvaro/Ollie/etc--22 instances
    Lists without: Italy, Belgium
  • Jacob/Jake/Giacomo/etc--21 instances
    Lists without: Finland, Iceland, Hungary
  • Thomas/Tom/Tomas/etc--20 instances
    Lists without: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Spain
  • Daniel/Dan/etc--19 instances
    Lists without: none
  • Leo/Leon/etc--19 instances
    Lists without: Iceland, Italy, Hungary
Benjamin, Samuel, Eli, Louis, Nicholas, Joseph, James, David, Michael, Robert, and Theodore finish out the Top 20. (Okay, 22. There were ties)

And again, the country with the most 'unique' names was Iceland, with 40% of the Top 50 not appearing on any other top names list:
Guðmund, Gunnar, Dagur, Arni/Arnar, Bjarki, Kári, Andri, Jökull, Ásgeir, Baldur, Birkir, Hilmar, Elvar/Elfar, Björn, Haukur, Styrmir, Ari, Eyþor, Frosti, and Sindri

Hungary's Top 100 is just under 40% 'unique' names:
Marcell, Balázs, Zalán, Botond, Laszlo, Zsombor, Ákos, Attila, Nimród, Roland, Csaba, Zétény, Hunor, Ábel, Szabolcs, Kornél, Norbert, Bendegúz, Ármin, Tibor, Csongor, Imre, Soma, Brendon, Kende, Dénes, Csanád, Bertalan, Donát, Zente, Szilárd, Zsigmond, Dorián, Flórián, and Zénó.

Sweden's Top 100 is about 1/4 'unique' names--Arvid, Melvin, Edvin, Sixten, Albin, Gustav, Melker, Malte, Ebbe, August, Viggo, Colin, Loke, Wilmer, Vidar, Milton, Elton, Vilgot, Otto, Tage, Hjalmar, Maximilian, Algot, Linus, Ture, and Folke.

Spain's Top 100 is about 1/5 'unique' names--Sergio, Izan, Gonzalo, Bruno, Raul, Jesus, Aitor, Rodrigo, Asier, Unai, Ismael, Alonso, Biel, Gael, Ignacio, Nil, Saul, Aimar, and Yeray.

As expected, the English-speaking countries all share a lot of names. England & Wales has only two 'unique' names (Dexter and Ronnie), N. Ireland, Australia, and Canada each have 3 (Conan, Caolán, and Dáithí; Bailey, Mitchell, and MaxwellJeremy, Declan, and Emmett; respectively); and New Zealand has five (Arlo, Nixon, Ezra, Quinn, and Cohen).