Wednesday, June 1, 2016


(I'm being fancy. It's pronounced "skay")

After sorting through all those modern -lee names, I need good dose of classic/established -lee names. Weeeellll, let's just expand that to -ee names, otherwise this'll be a pretty short list. :) Most are French and said "ay", but there are a few exceptions.

  • Adorée (ah-doh-RAY, French)--"adored"
  • Adrastée (ah-drahs-TAY, French)
  • Aimée (eh-MAY, French)--form of Amy, from Latin, "beloved"
  • Aleshanee (ah-lesh-AH-nee, Coosan)--prob. "she plays all the time"
  • Alizée (ah-lee-ZAY, French)--"trade wind". 
  • Andrée (awn-DRAY, French)--feminine of André/Andrew
  • Anicée (ah-nee-SAY, French)--poss. a form of Greek Anicetus "unconquerable"
  • Azalée (ah-zah-LAY, French)--form of Azalea. German form is Azalee (AHTS-ah-lay). 
  • Bethsabée (bet-sah-BAY, French, Dutch)--form of Bathsheba
  • Bree (BREE, English)--Anglicized from Irish Brígh, "power"
  • Cleophée (kleh-oh-FAY, French)--from [Biblical] Greek, poss. "father's glory"
  • Désirée (day-zee-RAY, French; dez-er-AY, English)--from Latin, "desired"
  • Dieudonnée (dyoo-doh-NAY, French)--"given by God"
  • Dorothée (doh-roh-TAY, French)--form of Dorothy. German form is Dorothee (DOHR-oh-tay). 
  • Edmée (ed-MAY, French)--feminine of Edmund
  • Esmée (es-MAY, Dutch, English)--prob. from French, "esteemed".
  • Esmerée (es-mer-AY, [medieval] French)--poss. "pure"
  • Galatée (gah-lah-TAY, French)--from Greek, prob. "milk-white" or "gentle goddess"
  • Haidee (HAY-dee, English)--poss. from Greek "modest". Another form is Haydée (eye-DAY, French, Spanish, Portuguese).
  • Honorée (oh-noh-RAY, French)--from Latin, "honored"
  • Isaree (IS-ah-ree, Thai)--prob. "freedom"
  • Josée (zhoh-ZAY, French)--feminine of Joseph
  • Jubilee (JOO-bil-ee, English)
  • Mérovée (may-roh-VAY, French)--prob. from Germanic, "famous battle" [unisex]
  • Nyree (NYE-ree, English)--Anglicized from Maori Ngaire (NGYE ['ng' like "sing"] -reh) poss. "swamp" or "swamp flower"
  • Renée (reh-NAY, French, English)--from Latin, "born again"
  • Romée (roh-MAY, French, Dutch)--feminine of Romeo
  • Vaudrée (voh-DRAY, French)--prob. from Germanic, "wise rule"