Friday, March 21, 2014

Fictional Places

The earliest name-nerd-ish experience I can recall is being charmed by a little Lorien. I'm sure she said "No, not Lauren, Lorien. It's from The Lord of the Rings." quite a bit, but half a lifetime later, I still remember her name.
I've seen Avalon & Avonlea bounced around quite a bit--probably prompted by the popularity of Ava & similar names, just like Lorien was made more usable by the popularity of Lauren/Laura--and it's got me thinking. I know I generally dislike place-names as given names, but for some reason, mythological & literary place-names seem so much more usable. Does that make me a snob? :p

  • Aaru (AH-roo)--Egyptian mythology. Alternate transliterations include Yaaru & Aalu.
  • Arda (AHR-dah)--Lord of the Rings 
  • Brocéliande (broh-say-lee-AHND)--Arthurian mythology
  • Elysia (eh-LEE-see-ah, eh-LOO-see-ah)--Greek mythology [Elysian/Elysium Fields]
  • Lyonesse (lee-oh-NES)--Arthurian mythology
  • Magrathea (mag-rah-THEE-ah)--Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Nysa (NEE-sah, NOO-sah)--Greek mythology
  • Paravel (pehr-ah-VEL)--Chronicles of Narnia [Cair Paravel, technically]
  • Terabithia (tehr-ah-BITH-ee-ah)--Bridge to Terebithia
  • Tirith (TEER-ith)--Lord of the Rings [Minas Tirith, to be exact]
  • Valinor (VAH-lin-ohr)--Lord of the Rings 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

You're a Star (Pt 2)

A while back I did a post on names of stars, but I was recently struck on how nice names that mean "star" are--Stella, Estelle/Estella, Seren, Esther, and the like. And so, I just had to go looking for more, and of course, to see if the word 'star' in other languages has name-potential in the US. ;)

Established names (feminine unless otherwise indicated):
  • Astraea (as-TRAY-ah, [Ancient] Greek)
  • Citlalli (seet-LAH-lee, Nahuatl)--also spelled Citlali.
  • Csilla (CHEE-lah, Hungarian)
  • Dara (DAH-rah, Khmer) [masculine/unisex in other languages/origins]
  • Dzvezda (ZVEZ-dah, Macedonian)
  • Hoku (hoh-koo, Hawaiian) [unisex]
  • Hoshi (hoh-shee, Japanese) 
  • Izar (ee-sahr, Basque)
  • Nthanda (nTAHN-dah, Tumbuka) [unisex]
  • Nyota (NYOH-tah, Swahili)
  • Setareh (seh-tah-RAY, Persian)--also spelled Setare.
  • Sitara (sit-AH-rah, Hindi)
  • Steluţă (steh-LOO-tsah, Romanian)
  • Sterre (STEH-reh, Dutch)
  • Tähti (TA [like in 'cat']-htee, Finnish)
  • Tara (TAH-rah, Hindi)
  • Twila (TWYE-lah, English)--from Cajun French étoile. Also spelled Twyla. [may also be derived from 'twilight']
  • Whetu (FEH-too, Maori) [unisex]
  • Yıldız (yil-diz, Turkish)
  • Ylli (OO-lee, Albanian) [masculine]. Feminine is Yllka (OOL-kah). 
  • Zvezdana (zvez-DAH-nah, Serbian)
  • Zvjezdana (ZVYEZ-dah-nah, Croatian) 

  • Byeol (byohl, Korean)--also transliterated as Pyol (pyohl)
  • Najm (NAH-jm, Arabic)--Masculine. Feminine is Najma. [also means "movie star"]
  • Réalta (RAYL-tah, Irish)
  • Reul (REE-ul, Scottish)
  • Rionnag (RYOO-nahk, Scottish)--Feminine
  • Tala (TAH-lah, Tagalog)
  • Zírka (ZEER-kah, Ukrainian)--Feminine

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Rose

Rose, of course, is perfectly fine on its own. But, as Rosalie regains popularity, it may pave the way for other Rose-names. Everyone knows the usual English picks--Rosalind/Rosalyn, Rosamund, Rosemary--but there's so much more!

  • Rocío (roh-SEE-oh, Spanish)--"dew"
  • Rosabel (ROHZ-ah-bel, English)--Italian is Rosabella.
  • Rosalba (roh-ZAHL-bah, Italian)--"white rose"
  • Rosalia (roh-zah-LEE-ah, Italian, Spanish)--Other forms include Rosália (roh-SAHL-yah, Portuguese) & Rozalia (roh-zah-LEE-ah, German; roh-ZAHL-yah, Polish)
  • Rosaria (roh-ZAHR-yah, Italian)--"rosary". Other forms include Rosario (Spanish) & Rosaire (French).
  • Rosaura (roh-SOW-rah, Spanish)--from Latin, "golden rose" 
  • Rosella (roh-ZEL-lah, Italian)--French form is Roselle.
  • Roselore (roh-zeh-LOH-reh, German)--combination of Rosa & Eleonore.
  • Rosenda (roh-SEN-dah, Spanish)--from Germanic, "famous path"
  • Rosette (roh-ZET, French)--Italian is Rosetta.
  • Rosilda (roh-ZEEL-dah, Italian)
  • Rósinkara (ROH-seen-kah-rah, Icelandic)
  • Rositsa (roh-SEETZ-ah, Bulgarian)--"little rose". Also spelled Rosica
  • Rosine (roh-ZEEN, French)--Italian form is Rosina
  • Rósný (ROHS-nee, Icelandic)--"new rose"
  • Rossana (rohs-SAH-nah, Italian)--form of Roxana.
  • Roswitha (rohs-VEE-tah, German, Dutch)--from Germanic, "famous strength". Also spelled Roswita
  • Rozenn (ROH-zen, Breton)