Monday, September 1, 2014


You can thank my 7-year-old's obsession for this list. While watching a documentary on Icelandic volcanoes, I couldn't help but notice how interesting many of the names are. And so, another just-for-fun name post is born.
(note: none of these have done any major or modern destruction. :) )

  • Amiata (ahm-YAH-tah)--Italy
  • Dutton (DUT-ton)--USA
  • Elbrus (EL-brus)--Russia
  • Genovesa (hen-oh-VEH-sah, jen-oh-VEH-zah)--Ecuador ['Genoese' in Spanish & Portuguese]
  • Graciosa (grah-see-OH-zah)--Portugal ['graceful, elegant' in Portuguese]
  • Iraya (ee-RAH-yah)--Philippines
  • Ischia (EES-kyah)--Italy
  • Kaena (kah-eh-nah)--USA ['the heat' in Hawaiian]
  • Katla (KAHT-lah)--Iceland [from Old Norse, 'helmet'] *a feminine name in Iceland
  • Krýsuvík (KREE-soo-veek)--Iceland. Also spelled Krísuvík
  • Yali (yah-LEE)--Greece. Also spelled Gyali or Yiali. ['glass' in Greek]
  • Yelia (YEH-lee-ah)--Papua New Guinea
  • Zimina (zee-MEE-nah)--Russia


  1. Ha! Kaena is a great name for a volcano. :)

    Looks like a small number of US babies (both boys and girls, mostly from Hawaii) have gotten the name Keana within the last decade as well.

  2. I've read about two different baby boys named 'Rainier'. It's dormant, but it's still a volcano! :)
    I also know of a couple of Shastas, one old and one young.
    McKinley is an Alaskan volcano... named after the president. It feels very current with naming trends. Then again, Alaska has a LOT of volcanoes! Augustine, Martin, Fisher, Okmok, Cleveland, Kanaga, Kiska, Cerberus...
    Hmmm... there's also a Mount Jefferson in Oregon that is a volcano. Oh, and Mt. McLoughlin!
    Greece has Milos and Santorini.
    Kilimanjaro would be quite the name (perhaps in the middle though).
    Etna in Italy sounds commercial in America, but it still is a sister to Etta or Alta.

    Zimina is going on my 'recommend' list. Beautiful!
    What a fun post! Thanks!!