Monday, September 1, 2014


You can thank my 7-year-old's obsession for this list. While watching a documentary on Icelandic volcanoes, I couldn't help but notice how interesting many of the names are. And so, another just-for-fun name post is born.
(note: none of these have done any major or modern destruction. :) )

  • Amiata (ahm-YAH-tah)--Italy
  • Dutton (DUT-ton)--USA
  • Elbrus (EL-brus)--Russia
  • Genovesa (hen-oh-VEH-sah, jen-oh-VEH-zah)--Ecuador ['Genoese' in Spanish & Portuguese]
  • Graciosa (grah-see-OH-zah)--Portugal ['graceful, elegant' in Portuguese]
  • Iraya (ee-RAH-yah)--Philippines
  • Ischia (EES-kyah)--Italy
  • Kaena (kah-eh-nah)--USA ['the heat' in Hawaiian]
  • Katla (KAHT-lah)--Iceland [from Old Norse, 'helmet'] *a feminine name in Iceland
  • Krýsuvík (KREE-soo-veek)--Iceland. Also spelled Krísuvík
  • Yali (yah-LEE)--Greece. Also spelled Gyali or Yiali. ['glass' in Greek]
  • Yelia (YEH-lee-ah)--Papua New Guinea
  • Zimina (zee-MEE-nah)--Russia