Tuesday, September 27, 2016


You might have noticed that there is new generator button!
I've been fascinated for a while about what makes a good "smash-name". Although many people think they hate them, there are quite a few that predate the current -ley & -lyn craze (Marlene, Marilyn, Rosanna, etc), and that aren't even thought of as "smash-names" anymore.
I set out to try and come up with more classic-sounding, potentially usable smash-ups, and decided eventually to just make a new generator out of it.

It's definitely still a work in progress (for instance, I've yet to come up with an elegant way to avoid names like 'Annanna' or 'Lauranora'), but I hope you enjoy it anyway.


My favorite "new" names include Margalise, Gretaflor, KatheloreEvalou, and Tildalise. :)

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