Saturday, June 3, 2017

Amanda & Her Sisters

I somehow got sucked into a rabbit-hole of looking up names based on Latin "love", the most familiar of which today are probably Amanda & Amy. It's a nice break from the long line of SSA-based posts, so here we go......

  • Amabilis / Amabilia--"lovable". Modern forms include Mabel (English), Amable (masc., French), Amabile (unisex, Italian), and Amábile (fem., Portuguese). 
  • Amadeus / Amadea--"love of God". Modern forms include Amédée (masc., French), Amadeo (Italian), Amadeu (Portuguese), Amade (fem., Basque), and Amadej/Amadeja (Slovenian).
  • Amandus / Amanda--"needs to be loved". Other forms include Amandine (fem., French), Amandina (fem., Dutch, Portuguese), and Amando (masc., Spanish). 
  • Amantius / Amantia--"loving". Modern forms include Amancio/Amancia (Spanish & Portuguese) and Amanzio/Amanzia (Italian). 
  • Amator / Amatrix--"lover" [not used as a name in Latin]. Medieval French & Spanish form was Amador (masc.).
  • Amatus / Amata--"beloved". Modern forms include Aimé/Aimée (French), Amy (English), Amado/Amada (Spanish), Amate (fem., Basque), and Amato/Amata (Italian). 
  • Amicitia (fem.)--"friendship" [from Roman mythology]. Modern English form is Amity
  • Amicus / Amica--"friend" [not used as a name in Latin]. Medieval forms included Amicia/Amice/Amis (fem., English) and Amice (fem., French). 
  • Amor (masc.)--"love" [from Roman mythology]. Modern feminine forms [all quite rare] include Amora (English, Spanish) and Amorina (Swedish, Portuguese).

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