Thursday, June 23, 2011

Archaic is the New Vintage

It's safe to say that vintage names are on the rise. From Isabella to Oliver, your grandparents & great-grandparents likely share their names with toddlers all across the country. Many people think it's great; others can't stop picturing little old ladies. If Stella & Leo aren't your thing, perhaps we should go further back.

  • Alaric (AHL-ah-rick, Germanic)--"ruler of all"
  • Anzo (AHN-zoh, Germanic)--"giant"
  • Baldric (BALL-drick, English)
  • Barnaby (BAR-na-bee, English)
  • Berthold (BERT-hahlt, German)
  • Brennus (BREN-nus, Celtic)--precursor to names like Bran & Brendan.
  • Crispian (KRIS-pee-an, English) 
  • Drustan (DROOST-an, Celtic)--precursor to Tristan
  • Eastmund (AYST-mund, Anglo-Saxon)
  • Federigo (feh-deh-REE-goh, Italian--form of Frederick
  • Radulf (rah-DULF, Germanic)
  • Rayner (RAY-ner, English)
  • Wulfric (WUL-frick, Anglo-Saxon)
  • Wymond (WYE-mond, English)

  • Adelais (ad-el-AH-ees, Germanic)--a "lost" variant of the Adele/Alice/Adelaide family
  • Aldith (AHL-dith, English) 
  • Annora (ahn-NOR-a, English)--"honor"
  • Auda (AW-da, Germanic)--feminine of Otto
  • Cateline (cat-el-een, French)--variant of Katherine
  • Clemency (KLEM-en-see, English)--"mercy"
  • Christobel (KRIS-to-bell, English)
  • Dreda (DREH-da, English)--short form of Etheldreda, which probably isn't as usable.
  • Dulcibella (dul-si-BEL-la, English)--"sweet and pretty"
  • Emmeline (EM-el-een, English)
  • Gytha (GEETH-a, English)
  • Idonea (id-ON-ee-a, English)--from the Norse goddess of spring & immortality
  • Jocosa (joh-OH-sa, English)
  • Kasimira (kaz-ih-MEE-ra, German)
  • Linza (LIN-za, German)--precursor to Linda
  • Melicent (MEL-ih-cent, English)
  • Meriel (MEH-ree-el, English)--"shines like the sea"
  • Odilia (o-DEE-lee-a, German)--"wealth"
  • Parnel (par-NEL, English)
  • Peronel (pehr-o-NEL, English)
  • Tacey (TAY-see, English)

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