Monday, February 27, 2012

More Than Noah, Daniel, Joshua, Matthew, & Elizabeth: Biblical Names II.

So on my last Biblical post, I focused on more obscure Biblical names (and it was fun!). Admittedly, they may be a little too "out there" for some people, so this time, here're Biblical names that have a decent history of use in English, but haven't ever been really popular.

  • Abner (AB-ner)
  • Amos (AY-mos)
  • Asa (AY-sah)--"doctor"
  • Barnabas (BAR-nah-bus)
  • Bartholomew (bar-THOL-o-myoo)
  • Cyrus (SYE-rus)
  • Darius (DAIR-ee-us)--"possessing good"
  • Enoch (EE-nock)--"dedicated"
  • Ephraim (EE-fray-im or EF-rahm)--"fruitful"
  • Felix (FEE-liks or FEH-liks)--"lucky"
  • Gideon (GID-ee-on)
  • Hiram (HYE-ram)
  • Hosea (ho-ZAY-ah)--"salvation"
  • Ira (EYE-rah)--"watchful"
  • Jethro (JETH-roh)--"abundance"
  • Jubal (JOO-bal)
  • Moses (MOH-zes)
  • Reuben (ROO-ben)
  • Rufus (ROO-fus)
  • Simeon (SIM-ee-on)--"listener"
  • Thaddeus (THAD-ee-us)
  • Titus (TYE-tus)
  • Tobias (toh-BYE-as)--"God is good"

  • Abilene (AB-ih-leen or ah-bih-LEE-nee)
  • Carmel (KAR-mel)--"garden"
  • Damaris (DAM-ah-ris or dam-AIR-is)
  • Dinah (DYE-nah)
  • Esther (ES-ter)--"star"
  • Hephzibah (HEP-zi-bah)--"my delight is in her". Also spelled Hepzibah.
  • Junia (JOON-ee-ah)
  • Lois (LOH-is)
  • Magdalene (MAG-dah-leen or mahg-dah-LEN-eh)
  • Mara (MAR-ah)
  • Miriam (MEER-ee-am)
  • Noah (NOH-ah)--"motion". Sometimes spelled Noa. [not to be confused with the popular boys' name Noah, which sounds the same in English, but is of a different Hebrew source]
  • Priscilla (pris-SIL-lah)
  • Rhoda (ROH-dah)--"rose"
  • Selah (SEE-lah or SEH-lah)
  • Susanna (soo-ZAN-nah)--"lily" ["rose" in modern Hebrew]. Original Hebrew form is Shoshannah.
  • Tamar (tah-MAHR or TAY-mar)--"palm tree". Variants include Tamara.

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  1. Some of my very fave names are on this list! I always thought I'd have an Enoch, but my hubby isn't a fan. Amos is still in the running for future little ones, though!

    And as for girl names, I love Esther and Selah! I could really live with any of them, though Hephzibah might be a mouthful for most. ;)