Thursday, April 18, 2013

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Nick/Niko

It's funny how when asked for classic boys' names, we have a tendency to list names we know from our generation. Jason, Andrew, Ryan....and yes, Nicholas, all seem to be considered "classic". And yet, they're all very trendy to the 80/90s! While having an out-of-style name somehow isn't has horrible for guys as it is for girls, there are still quite a few nice substitutes for a little Nick. Nico/Niko is starting to gain use as a full name in its own right, too.

  • Aniketos (ah-NEEK-eh-tohs, Greek)--"unconquerable"
  • Besnik (BES-neek, Albanian)--"faithful"
  • Domenico (doh-MEN-ee-koh, Italian)--form of Dominic
  • Nicanor (nee-kah-NOHR, English, Spanish)--from Greek, "victory"
  • Nikifor (nee-KEE-fohr, Polish, Russian)--from Greek, "carrying victory".
  • Nicodème (nee-koh-DEM, French)--from Greek, "victory of the people"
  • Nicomedo (nee-koh-MEH-doh, Italian)--from Greek, "thinking of victory"
  • Nikhil (nik-HIL, Hindi)
  • Nikias (nee-KEE-as, [ancient] Greek)
  • Yannick (yah-NEEK, Breton, French)--form of Yann/John

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