Monday, April 15, 2013


And now you can see what I've been wasting my time with! Just for fun, of course--
The Celebrity Baby Name Generator!
Just the girls' is functional for now, but since I've got it working finally, the boys' side shouldn't take too long.

As much as we all make fun of ridiculous celeb baby names, I am a bit jealous of them. There are tons of names I would use in a perfect world, but celebs don't seem to have those limitations. They're in a different world, and let's face it, the names they choose often reflect that.

I've tried to avoid names that are super-unique to one celebaby ("Inspektor", "Audio", etc), and just capture the general style. If there's any specific name you don't see that you feel should be added to the pool, please let me know!

Many resulting names are probably usable by you & me; others....probably not. ;)

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