Thursday, May 9, 2013

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Millie/Mila

I haven't done this one yet? Really?? *hangs head in shame*
Originally short for Millicent, Mildred, and other musty Germanic names, Millie is more likely today to be a nickname for the comeback favorites Amelia & Camilla.
And speaking of rising favorites, Mila has quite a bit of potential overlap with Millie. Although it's pretty established as a given name overseas, it was originally a nickname for many Slavic -mil- names.

  • Amelina (ah-meh-LEE-nah, Germanic)--original form of Emmeline
  • Bohumila (baw-hoo-MEE-lah, Czech)--from Slavic, "dear to God"
  • Camellia (kah-MEE-lee-ah, kah-MEL-ee-ah, English)
  • Jamila (jah-MEE-lah, Arabic)--"beautiful". Spanish form is Yamila.
  • Magnhild (MANG-nhild, Scandinavian)--from Old Norse, "mighty in battle"
  • Marsaili (MAR-sah-lee, Scottish)--form of Marcella
  • Matilda (mah-TIL-dah, English)
  • Maximiliane (maks-ee-mil-YAH-neh, German)--other forms include Maximilienne (French) & Maximiliana (Latin)
  • Mélisande (may-lee-SAHND, French)--form of Millicent
  • Melitta (meh-LIT-tah, German, Scandinavian)--form of Melissa
  • Micheline (mee-sheh-LEEN, French)--form of Michele/Michaela
  • Mielikki (MEE-eh-lik-kee, Finnish)
  • Mihaela (mee-HYE-lah, Croatian, Romanian)--another form of Michaela/Michele
  • Milada (mee-LAH-dah, Croatian)
  • Milagros (mee-LAH-grohs, Spanish)--"miracles"
  • Milda (MEEL-dah, Lithuanian)--Lithuanian goddess of love
  • Milena (mee-LEH-nah, Slavic)--another form is Milana.
  • Milica (MEE-lee-tsah, Slavic)--also spelled Militsa
  • Milou (mee-LOO, Swedish, French)--from French, form of Émilie/Emilia
  • Milva (MEEL-vah, Italian)
  • Romilda (roh-MEEL-dah, Italian)--from Germanic, "famous battle'
  • Sharmila (shar-MEE-lah, Hindi)
  • Theomilla (theh-oh-MEE-lah, German)

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