Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rare but Real (2012)

Time for another round-up! Here are some of the gems somehow at the bottom of the SSA list--only given to 5 kids last year.

  • Alexius (ah-LEKS-ee-us, Greek)--purely masculine form of the unisex Alexis
  • Delwyn (DEL-win, Welsh)--"handsome & blessed"
  • Gregor (GREH-gohr, German, Scottish, Slavic)
  • Osric (OZ-rik, Germanic)--"divine might"
  • Owain (OH-wine, Welsh)--older form of Owen
  • Urias (yoo-RYE-as, oo-REE-as, Latin)--from Hebrew, "God is my light"
  • Wulfric (WOOL-frik, Old English)--"wolf power"

  • Alda (AHL-dah, Italian, Portuguese)--feminine of Aldo/Aldous
  • Anthea (an-THEE-ah, ahn-THEH-ah, Latin)--from Greek, "flower"
  • Cherith (KEHR-ith, keh-REET, [Biblical] Hebrew)
  • Floriana (floh-RYAH-nah, Italian)--from Latin, "from/like a flower"
  • Oriane (oh-ree-AHN, French)--from Latin, "golden"
  • Pascale (pahs-KAL, French)
  • Piera (PYEHR-ah, Italian)--feminine of Peter/Pietro
  • Sunniva (SOON-ee-vah, Norwegian)

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  1. I have Alexius & Anthea on my lists :) and a friend with a son named Wolfric!