Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Ari

A Top 500 boy name on the rise, Ari has begun to gain momentum as a girls' nickname--nothing new in the naming world, of course--thanks to the doubly-Top 100 Ariana/Arianna, and wow-it's-rising-fast!-Aria. Ari on its own also had a respectable rise on the girls' charts, now sitting a bit below the Top 1000 at 1326. Although it is a full name in its own right, wanting a full name for Ari is understandable: while it's masculine in most cultures, it's easily mistaken for a girl's name in English.

  • Aram (AH-rahm, Armenian)--"excellence"
  • Aravind (AHR-ah-vind, Hindi)--"lotus"
  • Archibald (AHR-chih-bahld, English, Scottish)
  • Ardal (AHR-dahl, Irish)--"high valor". Anglicized from Ardghal. 
  • Arduino (ahrd-WEE-noh, Italian)
  • Argus (AHR-goos, [ancient] Greek)--"shining"
  • Arkadiy (ahr-KAH-dee, Russian)--Also spelled Arkady or Arkadi
  • Arnor (AHR-nohr, Scandinavian)
  • Arrigo (ahr-REE-goh, Italiah)--from of Harry
  • Arthur (AHR-thur, English)--other forms include Artair (Scottish), Arturo (Spanish, Portuguese), Artturi (Finnish), & Artūrus (Lithuanian)

  • Araceli (ah-rah-SEH-lee, Spanish)
  • Araminta (ah-rah-MIN-tah, English)
  • Aranka (AW-rahn-kah, Hungarian)--"gold"
  • Arantxa (ah-rahnt-shah, Basque)
  • Arendse (ah-REND-seh, Danish)--feminine of Arendt/Arnold
  • Arezoo (ah-reh-ZOO, Persian)--also spelled Arezu or Arezou.
  • Argiñe (ahr-gee-nyeh, Basque)--"light"
  • Ariadne (ah-ree-AHD-nee, [ancient] Greek)--"most holy". Other forms include Ariadna (Spanish), Ariane (French), & Arianna (Italian)
  • Arilda (ah-RIL-dah, Scandinavian)--feminine of Arild/Harold. 
  • Arlette (ahr-LET, French)
  • Armida (ahr-MEE-dah, Italian, Spanish)
  • Arneke (AHR-neh-keh, Dutch, German)--from Germanic, "eagle". Also spelled Arnika or Arnike
  • Arundhati (ah-ROOND-hah-tee, Hindi)
  • Aruzhan (ah-roo-ZHAHN, Kazakh)--"beautiful soul"

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