Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Sunny

Okay, yet again, not really a usual nickname, but a nickname-y full name. Happy and off-beat, it's not surprising that Sunny (as well as Sunshine) has been used as a girls' name occasionally, especially during the 70s. As cheery as it is, though, it suffers from two major problems--it's a nature-name, which tend to be love-or-hate; and it sounds like a diminutive.

  • Allison (AL-ih-son, English)
  • Aysun (eye-SOON, Turkish)--"beautiful as the moon"
  • Josune (yoh-soo-neh, Basque)--feminine of Josu/Jesus
  • Sidony (sih-DOH-nee, English)--French form is Sidonie (see-doh-NEE).
  • Sonali (son-AH-lee, Hindi)--"golden"
  • Sonata (soh-NAH-tah, English)
  • Sonia (SOHN-yah, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish)--form of Sophia. Also spelled Sonja or Sonya.
  • Sonnet (SAHN-net, English)--from Italian, "little poem"
  • Sonora (soh-NOHR-ah, English)
  • Sophronia (soh-FROHN-yah, [Ancient] Greek)--"sensible"
  • Sunaya (soon-AH-yah, Hindi)--"just"
  • Sunčana (SOON-chah-nah, Croatian)--"sunny". Another form is Sunčica (SOON-cheets-ah)
  • Sunilda (soon-EEL-dah, Swedish)--form of Swanhilda.
  • Sunita (soon-EE-tah, Hindi)--"polite"
  • Sunitha (soon-EET-hah, Hindi)--"righteous"
  • Sunniva (SOON-ee-vah, Scandinavian)
  • Susanna (soo-ZAN-nah, English; soo-SAH-nah, Scandinavian, Italian)--from Hebrew, "lily, rose". Variants include Susan & Shoshana.

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