Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rare but Real (2013)

Yes, I do milk the SSA lists for all they're worth; thank you. :)

A few of the gems down at the very bottom of the SSA lists--given to only 5 babies last year.
(I left off the ones that had appeared on previous Rare but Reals--2010, 2011, 2012)

  • Avidan (ah-vee-DAN, Hebrew)
  • Cleon (KLEE-on, KLEH-on, [ancient] Greek)--"glory"
  • Durante (doo-RAHN-teh, Italian)--"enduring". The original long form of Dante.
  • Gershom (GUR-sham, English; gehr-SHOHM, Hebrew)
  • Howell (HOW-ell, Welsh)--anglicization of Hywel, "eminent"
  • Inigo (IN-ih-go, English; EE-nee-goh, Italian); Iñigo (ee-NYEE-goh, Spanish, Basque)--from Basque, "my little one"
  • Jove (JOHV, [anglicized] Latin)
  • Nikodem (NEE-koh-dem, Polish; nee-KOH-dem, Croatian)
  • Taliesin (tal-YES-in, Welsh)
  • Xanthus (ZAN-thus, KSAHN-thoos, [Ancient] Greek)--masculine of Xanthe, "yellow, blond"
  • Zalman (ZAHL-man, Yiddish)--form of Solomon

  • Amadea (ah-mah-DEH-ah, Latin)--"love of God"
  • Archana (ar-chah-NAH, Hindi)--"honoring"
  • Briony (BRYE-oh-nee, English)
  • Cassiopeia (kas-see-oh-PEE-ah, kahs-see-oh-PAY-ah, [ancient] Greek)
  • Daciana (dah-CHYAH-nah, Romanian)
  • Dionysia (dee-oh-NEE-see-ah, Latin)--original form of Denise
  • Elodia (el-OH-dee-ah, Spanish)--form of Elodie
  • Jessamy (JES-sah-mee, English)--form of Jasmine/Jessamine
  • Kinneret (kee-NEH-ret, Hebrew)--"harp" [Hebrew name for the Sea of Galilee]
  • Liadan (LEE-uh-dan, Irish)
  • Nyota (NYOH-tah, Swahili)--"star"
  • Zoraida (soh-RYE-dah, Spanish)

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