Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Oz

I really need to come up with a better title for these posts--I'm rapidly running out of "usual" nicknames! Anyway, I see Oz bounced around a bit online, and I do see the appeal: short, snazzy, that zippy Z. The problem is associations--Oz alone is reminiscent of "Land of Oz" (along with a few other pop culture references), and all Osbourne.
There's Oscar of course, and Oswald, and even Austin if your accent allows, but what else?

  • Osbert (OZ-bert, English)
  • Osgood (OZ-good, English)
  • Osman (OHS-man, Turkish)
  • Osmar (OS-mahr, Portuguese)--from Germanic "fame of God"
  • Osmond (OZ-mond, English)--also spelled Osmund
  • Osric (OZ-rik, English)
  • Ossian (OS-see-an, Scandinavian, German)--form of Irish Oisin
  • Osulf (OZ-ulf, Old English)
  • Osvit (OS-veet, Serbian)--"dawn")
  • Oswin (OZ-win, English)
  • Ozan (OH-zahn, Turkish)--"bard"
  • Ozazias (oz-AHZ-ee-as, [Biblical] Greek)
  • Ozias (OZ-ee-as, [Biblical] Greek; oh-ZEE-as, Greek)
  • Oziel (oz-ee-EL, [Biblical] Greek)
  • Ozren (OZ-ren, Croatian, Serbian)

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