Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fireworks Day (again)!

Well, apparently I missed last 4th. Not sure how that happened....
2 years ago, I did a Declaration of Independence-themed list; this year I'll do something a bit more generic. I'm sure you'll be able to find tons of lists of Independence Day names, but now, there'll be one more. ;)

  • Eleuterio (el-yoo-TEHR-ee-oh, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish)--from Greek, "free". Feminine is Eleuteria. French form is Eleuthère (eh-loo-TEHR). 
  • Erkin (EHR-kin, Turkish)--"free"
  • Flamur (flam-OOR, Albanian)--"flag"
  • Krešimir (KRESH-ih-meer, Croatian)--"to spark peace"
  • Nicholas (NIK-oh-las, English)--from Greek, "victory of the people". Other forms include Miklós (Hungarian), Niccolo (Italian), Nichol (Scottish), Nikolai (Russian), & Nioclás (Irish)
  • Sindri (SIN-dree, Old Norse, Icelandic)--"spark". Modern Norwegian form is Sindre (SIN-dreh).

  • Aditi (ah-DIT-ee, Hindi)--"freedom"
  • Aki (ah-kee, Japanese)--"sparkle" or "bright" [other meanings possible depending on Kanji]
  • Amaryllis (am-ah-RIL-lis, English)--from Greek, "sparkle". Spanish & Portuguese form is Amarilis (ah-mah-REE-lees).
  • Fiammetta (fee-ah-MET-tah, Italian)--"little fire"
  • Iskra (EES-krah, Slavic)--"spark"
  • Nicole (nih-KOHL, English, French)--feminine of Nicholas. Other forms include Nicola (German, English), Nicolasa (Spanish), Nicolette (French), & Nicolina (Italian).
  • Saoirse (SEER-shah, SAYR-shah, Irish)--"freedom"
  • Seirian (SAY-ree-an, Welsh)--"sparkling"
  • Svava (SVAH-vah, Scandinavian)--from Germanic, prob. "independent" or "our people" [from the term Swabian]

  • Noa (no-ah, Hawaiian)--"free, freedom"

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