Saturday, July 12, 2014

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Remy

Remy/Remi is another in a long line of traditionally-masculine-but-sounds-feminine-to-modern-ears names that seems to be on the rise for both genders (see also: Avery, Reese/Reece/Rhys, Emery, etc). Although it is (again) a full name in its own right, having a gender-specific full name for a (now) unisex nickname isn't a bad idea.

  • Jeremy (JEHR-eh-mee, English)--form of Hebrew Jeremiah "God has uplifted". Another form is Jeremias (German, Portuguese, Spanish).
  • Raymond (RAY-mond, English; ray-MAWn, French)
  • Remaliah (rem-ah-LYE-ah, English)--from [Biblical] Hebrew, "exaltation of God"
  • Rembert (REM-bert, Dutch, German)--from Germanic "bright advisor"
  • Rembrandt (REM-brahnt, Dutch; REM-brant, English)--from Germanic "sword advisor"
  • Remiel (REM-ee-el, English)--from [Biblical] Hebrew, "mercy of God"
  • Remigio (rem-EE-jyoh, Italian, Spanish)--form of Remy/Remi

  • Mirembe (mee-rem-beh, Luganda)--"peace"
  • Raymonde (ray-MAWND, French)
  • Remedios (reh-MEH-dyohs, Spanish)--"remedies". Catalan form is Remei (reh-MAY)
  • Remigia (reh-MEE-jyah, Latin)--feminine of Remigius/Remigio/Remy
  • Remina (reh-MEE-nah, Frisian)--short form of Ragn-names (Germanic, "advise")

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  1. I also really like Remington as a longer boys option, but I know a lot of people aren't fans because of the gun association