Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Have I really been doing this for four years? Holy crap. Time to be a little self-indulgent for a bit, then? ;)
I'm a big fan of "weird" & "clunky" names. Of course, I do try to slip them in whenever they may fit a particular post, but gosh darn it, it's not enough!
So here we go: a few of the weird fun names I've not been able to sneak into posts before now.

  • Aatos (AH-tohs, Finnish)--"thought"
  • Aristarkh (ah-ris-TARKH, Russian)
  • Ciriaco (see-ree-AH-koh, Spanish; chee-ree-AH-koh, Italian)--from Greek "of the Lord"
  • Dieter (DEE-ter, German)
  • Ennius (EN-nee-us, Latin)
  • Erwan (EHR-wahn, Breton)--form of Yves/Yvon
  • Hadrian (HAY-dree-an, [anglicized] Latin)--original form of Adrian
  • Horatio (hoh-RAY-shee-oh, English)
  • Japheth (JAY-feth, [Biblical] Hebrew)
  • Serik (SEHR-ik, Kazakh)
  • Tybalt (TIB-alt, English)--form of Theobald

  • Alenka (ah-LEN-kah, Slovene)--short form of -lena names
  • Athénaïs (ah-tay-nah-EES, French)
  • Berengaria (behr-en-GAR-ee-ah, Germanic)--another form is Bérengère (bay-rahn-ZHEHR, French)
  • Berezi (beh-reh-see, Basque)--"special"
  • Cyra (SYE-rah, SEER-ah, English)
  • Ercilia (ehr-SEE-lee-ah, Spanish)--another form is Ersilia (ehr-ZEE-lee-ah, Italian)
  • Friederike (free-deh-REE-keh, German)--feminine of Frederick
  • Gaëtane (gah-eh-TAHN, French)
  • Ilithyia (il-ITH-ee-yah, [ancient] Greek)
  • Kinga (KEEN-gah, Polish, Hungarian)
  • Mneme (NEE-mee, NAY-mee, [ancient] Greek)--the muse of memory
  • Ruslana (roos-LAH-nah, Russian, Ukrainian)
  • Salvatrice (sahl-vah-TREE-cheh, Italian)--feminine of Salvador
  • Severina (seh-veh-REE-nah, Croatian, German, Italian)
  • Sieglinde (zeeg-LIN-deh, German)
  • Síomha (SHEE-uh-vah, Irish)--"good peace"
  • Terpsichore (terp-SIK-oh-ree, [ancient] Greek)--the muse of dance
  • Veslemøy (VES-leh-mooy, Norwegian)--"little girl"

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