Thursday, June 4, 2015

Names "of God"

Whoa, don't worry! Not going there!
Rather, I've recently realized just how many "-iel" names there are. The vast majority are masculine and derived from Hebrew, where they mean "of God", and I'm going to concentrate on those.
Traditionally, -iel names have been feminized to -iela/iella in English and many other languages, so I thought it'd be fun to list them as well, even those that have never really been used widely (if at all).

(This is mostly for interest's sake, but if you see a name you like for an actual human, pet, plant, car, etc; you may want to double-check the connotations & origins--while many reside in multiple traditions [Eastern, Catholic, Protestant, & Jewish] or all of them, some are specific to one or another, or may have very different stories)
  • Abdiel/Abdiela--"servant of God"
  • Abiel/Abiela--"God is my father". Also written as Aviel/Aviela.
  • Adiel/Adiela--"ornament of God"
  • Admiel/Admiela--"man of God"
  • Adriel/Adriela--"flock of God" or "help of God"
  • Ambriel/Ambriela--poss. "energy of God"
  • Ammiel/Ammiela--"people of God"
  • Aniel/Aniela--"grace of God" or "God's answer". Also written as Haniel/Haniela.
  • Ariel/Ariela--"lion of God"
  • Ashriel/Ashriela--poss. "blessing of God". Also written as Asriel/Asriela.
  • Asiel/Asiela--"made by God"
  • Azriel/Azriela--"help of God"
  • Camiel/Camiela--"he sees God"
  • Cassiel/Cassiela--"speed of God". Possible variant is Castiel/Castiela.
  • Daniel/Daniela--"God is my judge"
  • Eliel/Eliela--"my God is God"
  • Ezekiel/Ezekiela--"God strengthens"
  • Gabriel/Gabriela--"God is my strength". Also written as Gavriel/Gavriela
  • Gaddiel/Gaddiela--"God is my happiness"
  • Gameliel/Gameliela--"reward of God"
  • Hiel/Hiela--"God lives" or "brother of God"
  • Ithiel/Ithiela--"God is with me". Also written as Itiel/Itiela.
  • Jaasiel/Jaasiela--"made by God". Also written as Jasiel/Jasiela.
    [For this and all J-names listed, spelling/pronouncing with a Y is also valid; e.g.: Yaasiel/Yaasiela.]
  • Jaaziel/Jaaziela--"emboldened by God"
  • Jahaziel/Jahaziela--"God sees". Also written as Jahziel/Jahziela.
  • Jahdiel/Jahdiela--"unity with God"
  • Jathniel/Jathniela--poss. "hired by God", "endurance of God", or "gift of God"
  • Jehiel/Jehiela--"God lives" or "carried away by God"
  • Jekuthiel/Jekuthiela--poss. "hope of God", "preservation of God", or "obedient to God"
  • Jeremiel/Jeremiela--"God uplifts" or poss. "God's mercy"
  • Jeriel/Jeriela--"taught by God"
  • Jesimiel/Jesimiela--"placed by God"
  • Jeziel/Jeziela--"sprinkling of God"
  • Jophiel/Jophiela--"beauty of God". Possible variant is Zophiel/Zophiela.
  • Kadmiel/Kadmiela--"everlasting God"
  • Katriel/Katriela--"crown of God"
  • Magdiel/Magdiela--"excellence of God"
  • Malchiel/Malchiela--"God is my king"
  • Nathaniel/Nathaniela--"given by God"
  • Nuriel/Nuriela--poss. "fire of God"
  • Othniel/Othniela--"force of God"
  • Pagiel/Pagiela--"occurrence of God"
  • Paltiel/Paltiela--"deliverance of God"
  • Raziel/Raziela--"secret of God"
  • Remiel/Remiela--poss. "mercy of God" or "thunder of God"
  • Shealtiel/Shealtiela--"I have asked God". Also written as Salathiel/Salathiela.
  • Shelumiel/Shelumiela--"peace of God"
  • Uriel/Uriela--"God is my flame"
  • Uzziel/Uzziela--"God is my strength". Also written as Oziel/Oziela.
  • Zabdiel/Zabdiela--"my gift is God".
  • Zadkiel/Zadkiela--"righteousness of God"
  • Zaphkiel/Zaphkiela--"knowledge of God"
  • Zerachiel/Zerachiela--"God's command"
  • Zuriel/Zuriela--"God is my rock". Also written as Tsuriel/Tsuriela.

This is nowhere near an exhaustive list, by the way. Theophory is a fascinating subject, and I've only scratched the surface here. :)


  1. I really like Casiela, Ezekiel, and Katriel. I might be saying Katriel wrong but is it like cat-tree -l (the letter)?

    1. It's closer to "kah-tree-el", but it's so uncommon I doubt anyone would object if you Anglicized it to "kat-". ;)