Saturday, July 11, 2015

Anders & Andras

I like the -anders. Alexander is the most wide-spread, of course, and name-nerds can probably name a few others--Evander, Leander, Lysander. Most have a place in Greek mythology & legend--ander is the Anglicized form of andros "man", usually feminized as -andra.
Let's see if we can find some more fun names....

  • Agesander/Agesandra--"leader of men". Also transliterated as Hagesander
  • Alcander/Alcandra--poss. "strong man"
  • Alexander/Alexandra--"defender of man"
  • Amynander/Amynandra--"defender of man"
  • Anaxander/Anaxandra--prob. "ruler of men"
  • Archander/Archandra--"highest man"
  • Aresander/Aresandra--prob. "favorable man"
  • Aristander/Aristandra--"best of men"
  • Cassander/Cassandra--poss. "shines upon man", "plots against man", or "tester of men"
  • Charisander/Charisandra--"beauty of man" or "grace of man"
  • Cleander/Cleandra--"glory of man"
  • Dexander/Dexandra--prob. "courteous man"
  • Eteander/Eteandra--poss. "true man"
  • Ethelander/Ethelandra--poss. "willful man"
  • Evander/Evandra--"good man"
  • Isander/Isandra--poss. "equality of man" or "fair man"
  • Kleitander/Kleitandra--"famous man"
  • Kratander/Kratandra--"power of men"
  • Leander/Leandra--"lion man"
  • Lycander/Lycandra--prob. "wolf man" or "light of man"
  • Lysander/Lysandra--"release of man"
  • Melesander/Melesandra--prob. "care of man" or "study of man"
    [no, the resemblance to 'Melisandre' is not lost on me!]
  • Menander/Menandra--prob. "patient man" or "might of man"
  • Nicander/Nicandra--"victory of man"
  • Onasander/Onasandra--prob. "prosperity of man" or "help of man"
  • Ophelander/Ophelandra--"helping man"
  • Peisander/Peisandra--poss. "persuading men"
  • Periander/Periandra--prob. "among men" or "beyond men"
  • Philander/Philandra--"love of man"
    [is 'philanderer' still a word people use? Hmmm....]
  • Poemander/Poemandra--poss. "shepherd of men"
  • Praxander/Praxandra--"practice of man"
  • Proander/Proandra--"before man"
  • Pyrander/Pyrandra--"fire of man"
  • Sosander/Sosandra--prob. "secure man"
  • Stasander/Stasandra--prob. "standing man" or "stable man"
  • Telesander/Telesandra--prob. "accomplishment of man"
  • Terpander/Terpandra--"delight of man"
  • Thrasyander/Thrasyandra--"bold man"
  • Thersander/Thersandra--prob. "brave man"
  • Timander/Timandra--prob. "honored man"
  • Tisander/Tisandra--"vengeance of man"
  • Tychander/Tychandra--"lucky man"
  • Xenander/Xenandra--"foreign man"

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