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Occupational surnames are a big trend right now (Mason, Carter, Taylor, Harper, Piper, Hunter, Chase)--and the vast majority end in -er.
I admit, though; I have a bit of a hang-up on occupational surnames; they just seem too....literal? But, there are lots of nice names, for both genders, that can fit the -er trend without being occupational surnames. :)
(I already did a post on Greek-origin -ander names here, which would easily double the boys' list!)

  • Abner (AB-ner, English)--from [Biblical] Hebrew, "my father is light". Other forms include Avner (Hebrew) and Abenner ([Biblical] Greek).
  • Adler (AD-ler, English)--from German, "eagle"
  • Alder (AHL-der, English)
  • Alger (AL-jer, English)
  • Alister (AL-is-ter, Scotish)--form of Alexander
  • Asger (AS-ger, Danish)
  • Asher (ASH-er, English, [Biblical] Hebrew)--"happy"
  • Astor (AS-ter, English; AS-tohr, Swedish)
  • Auster (AW-ster, OW-ster, Latin)--"south"
  • Birger (BEER-ger, BEER-yer, Scandinavian)
  • Christer (KRIS-ter, Scandinavian)--form of Christian. Also spelled Krister.
  • Conor (KAHN-or, Irish, Scottish, English)--also spelled Connor.
  • Dieter (DEE-ter, German)--form Germanic "people's warrior"
  • Ebenezer (eb-en-EE-zer, [Biblical] Hebrew)
  • Eimer (EYE-mehr, German)
  • Eliezer (el-ee-AY-zer, el-eye-EE-zer, [Biblical] Hebrew)--"God is my help"
  • Elmer (EL-mer, English)--from Germanic, "noble and famous"
  • Ezer (AY-zer, EE-zer, [Biblical] Hebrew)--"help"
  • Fraser (FRAY-zer, FRAY-zher, Scottish, English)--also spelled Frazier.
  • Greger (GREH-ger, Swedish)--form of Gregory
  • Gunther (GOON-ter, German)--also spelled Gunter
  • Haider (HYE-der, Arabic)--"lion". Also transliterated Haidar or Hyder.
  • Heber (HEE-ber, [Biblical] Hebrew)--"community"
  • Hector (HEK-tor, English, German, EK-tohr, Spanish, French)
  • Holger (HOHL-ger, German, Dutch, Scandinavian)
  • Homer (HOH-mer, English)--from [ancient] Greek, "pledge"
  • Jasper (JAS-per, English; YAHS-pehr, Dutch)--from Persian, "treasurer". Other forms include Casper (English, Dutch, Scandinavian), Kacper (Polish), and Jesper (Danish)
  • Lester (LES-ter, English)
  • Luther (LOO-ther, English)--from Germanic "people's army"
  • Melker (MEL-ker, Swedish)--form of Melchior
  • Mortimer (MOR-tim-er, English)
  • Oliver (OL-ih-ver, English, Danish, German, Scandinavian)
  • Peter (PEE-ter, English; PEH-ter, Dutch, German, Scandinavian)--other forms include Peder (Scandinavian) and Pieter (Dutch)
  • Prosper (PRAHS-per, English; prohs-PEHR, French)
  • Rainer (RYE-ner, German)--from Germanic "army advisor". Other forms include Rayner (English) and Reiner (German)
  • Roger (RAH-jer, English; ROH-ger, German, Scandinavian; roh-ZHAY, French)--from Germanic "famous spear". Other forms include Rüdiger (German) and Rutger (Dutch).
  • Silvester (sil-VES-ter, English, German)--also spelled Sylvester.
  • Tomer (TOH-mer, English; toh-MEHR, Hebrew)--from Hebrew "palm tree"
  • Topher (TOH-pher, English)--short form of Christopher
  • Trevor (TREV-er, English, Welsh)
  • Uther (OO-ther, Welsh [mythology])
  • Victor (VIK-ter, English; VEEK-tor, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Romanian)
  • Walter (WAHL-ter, English; VAHL-ter, Dutch, Italian, German, Portuguese, Scandinavian)--other forms include Valter (Croatian, Estonian, Portuguese, Slovene, Scandinavian) and Walther (German), Wolter (Dutch), and Wouter (Dutch)
  • Werner (VEHR-ner, German, Dutch, Scandinavian; WEHR-ner, Dutch)--another form is Warner (English)
  • Wilmer (WIL-mer, English)--from Germanic "famous will"
  • Xavier (ex-AYV-ver, ZAYV-yer, English; shahv-YEHR, Portuguese; zav-YEHR, French)--other forms include Xaver (German).

  • Amber (AM-ber, English)
  • Aster (AS-ter, English)
  • Clover (KLOH-ver, English)
  • Coriander (KOHR-ee-an-der, English)
  • Demeter (deh-MEE-ter, deh-MEH-ter, [ancient] Greek)--prob. "earth mother"
  • Ember (EM-ber, English)
  • Emer (EE-mer, AY-mer, Irish [mythology])--prob. "swift". Modern Irish form is Eimhear
  • Esther (ES-ter, English, German, Dutch; es-TEHR, Hebrew, French)--other forms include Ester (Danish, Czech, Portuguese, Spanish, Scandinavian), Eszter (Hungarian), and Hester ([Biblical] Latin)
  • Ginger (JIN-jer, English)
  • Gunver (GOON-ver, Danish, Swedish)
  • Gwener (GWEN-er, Welsh)--form of Venus [Dydd Gwener = Friday]
  • Heather (HETH-er ['th' like in the], English)
  • Honor (ON-er, English)
  • Imber (EEM-ber, Swedish)--form of Ingeborg
  • Inger (ING-er, Scandinavian)--form of Ingrid
  • Jennifer (JEN-if-er, Cornish, English, German; YEN-ee-fer, Spanish, Swedish)--also spelled Jenifer.
  • Juniper (JOON-ip-er, English)
  • Lavender (LAV-en-der, English)
  • Summer (SUM-mer, English)
  • Winter (WIN-ter, English)

  • Briar (BRYE-er, English)--also spelled Brier.
  • Gomer (GOH-mer, goh-MEHR, [Biblical] Hebrew)--"complete"
  • River (RIV-er, English)
  • Vesper (VES-per, English)--from Latin, "evening"

Wow. I was not prepared for how many English word-names there'd be, particularly for girls! I imagine they probably fit in better on other themed lists, but meh. They fit the pattern. ;)

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