Thursday, August 25, 2016

"Girlish" Boy Names

I did "boyish" girl names, so now I have to do the reverse, of course! Boys have much more diversity when it comes to name endings, but girls do have a higher proportion of names ending in -a, ah, ne, le, th, i, and y. Boys also have the minority of names starting with A, E, P, S, & V, so I'll be looking especially for those. :)
(I do not have room to list all the Biblical -iah names for boys, so just look here if those strike your fancy)

  • Achille (ah-SHEEL, French; ah-KEEL-leh, Italian)--form of Achilles
  • Adlai (AD-lay, AD-lye, [Biblical] Hebrew)
  • Alexei (ah-leks-AY, al-leks-EE, Russian, Ukrainian)--form of Alexis. Other forms include Aleksi (AH-lek-see, Finnish) and Aleksy (AH-lek-see, Polish).
  • Alvah (AL-vah, [Biblical] Hebrew)--poss. "ascending". Also spelled Alva.
  • Alwi (AL-wee, Old English)--prob. "elf battle". Also spelled Alwy
  • Amaury (ah-moh-REE, French)--form of Emmerich/Emery
  • Arkady (ar-KAH-dee, Russian)--also spelled Arkadi or Arkadiy
  • Arne (AHR-neh, Scandinavian, German)--from Germanic, "eagle"
  • Artemiy (ar-TEM-ee, Russian)--from ancient Greek, "of Artemis"
  • Asa (AY-sah, English; ah-sah, Hebrew)--from Biblical Hebrew, prob. "healer"
  • Aulay (AW-lee, Scottish)--form of Olaf
  • Augustine (AW-gus-teen, aw-GUS-tin, English)--from Latin, "great"
  • Braith (BRAYTH, English)--prob. from Old Norse, "broad"
  • Columba (koh-LUM-bah, Latin)--"dove"
  • Conleth (KAHN-leth, Irish)
  • Dara (DAH-rah, Irish)--"oak tree" or "fruitful". Also spelled Darragh. [feminine in other languages]
  • Davi (DAH-vee, Portuguese)--form of David. Another form is Daveth (DAV-eth, Cornish).
  • Éanna (AY-nah, Irish)--also spelled Énna. Anglicized form is Enda
  • Elisha (ee-LYE-shah, [Biblical] Hebrew)--"God is my salvation"
  • Emrys (EM-ris, Welsh)--form of Ambrose
  • Fiachra (FEE-ahk-rah, Irish)--"raven". French form is Fiacre (fee-AH-creh). 
  • Harith (HAH-rith, Arabic)--prob. "cultivator"
  • Heath (HEETH, English)
  • Hirah (HYE-rah, [Biblical] Hebrew)--"splendor"
  • Iorwerth (YOR-werth, Welsh)--"handsome lord". Anglicized as Yorath.
  • Kuisma (KOO-ees-mah, Finnish)--form of Cosmo. Other forms include Cosme (KAHZ-mee, Portuguese; COHM, French) and Kuzma (kooz-MAH, Russian).
  • Lorne (LORN, English)--from Scottish place name
  • Malachy (MAL-ah-kee, Irish)
  • Perry (PEHR-ree, English)--from English "pear tree" or Welsh "son of Harry". Also spelled Parry
  • Pryderi (prid-EHR-ee, Welsh)--prob. "cared for"
  • Rishi (rish-EE, Hindi)--"poet"
  • Savely (sah-VEL-ee, Russian)--form of Sabine. Also spelled Saveliy or Saveli
  • Selby (SEL-bee, English)--from Old Norse, "willow farm"
  • Sindre (SIN-dreh, Scandinavian)--another form is Sindri (SIN-dree)
  • Visti (VEES-tee, Danish)--from Old Norse, "west". Other forms include Vesti (VES-tee, Danish) and Vestri (VES-tree, Old Norse).

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