Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Taxonymy....nymy? (ferns)

Fern is kind of an odd name if you think about it. I mean, we don't call kids 'Algae' or 'Angiosperm' or 'Conifer' (although...Conifer could actually kind of work).
Ferns are a unique group of plants--they're complex with many different specialized cells, but don't have seeds or flowers, and instead reproduce with spores, like algae & fungi.
They're also not as large a group as the flowering plants, but I bet we can still find some fun potential names. :)
(all are genera, not common names)

  • Azolla
  • Ceradenia
  • Christella
  • Cyathea
  • Danaea
  • Davallia
  • Drynaria
  • Kaulinia
  • Lindsaea
  • Llavea
  • Marattia
  • Marsilea
  • Matonia
  • Mickelia
  • Mohria
  • Oleandra
  • Onoclea
  • Osmunda
  • Paesia
  • Pellaea
  • Pteris
  • Ptisana
  • Rumohra
  • Salvinia
  • Vittaria

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