Thursday, December 15, 2016

Elias, Silas, Titus, Tobias, Cyrus, Leonidas, Matthias....

It's pretty easy to come up with multiple phonetic trends for girls, but I've been trying to even things up and discover some for boys. Surnames, obviously: -ers, -sons, and -dens, but surely there's an alternative trend or two, right?
Well, I think I found one--"eye_as". The names listed in the title: all Top 1000, and all rising! It makes sense--"eye"-sounding names are trending all over the place for both genders, and the softer vintage-y -s ending makes some interesting and handsome combinations.
Can we find more? Of course! :D

  • Achaios (ah-kye-AHS, [ancient] Greek)--Latin form is Achaeus (ah-KYE-us). 
  • Aelius (EYE-lee-us, Latin)--poss. from Greek Helios, "sun"
  • Alkaios (AHL-kye-os, [ancient] Greek)--"strength". Latin form is Alcaeus (al-KYE-us). 
  • Amias (ah-MYE-as, English)--poss. from Latin "friend"
  • Aineias (eye-NAY-as, [ancient] Greek)--"praise". Latin spelling is Aeneas
  • Aias (EYE-as, [ancient] Greek)--original form of Ajax, prob. "eagle" or "earth"
  • Alphaios (AHL-fye-os, [Biblical] Greek)--from Hebrew, poss. "change, renew". Latin form is Alphaeus (al-FYE-us). 
  • Ananias (an-an-EYE-as, [Biblical] Greek)--from Hebrew, "Yahweh is gracious"
  • Argyros (ar-GYE-ros, [anglicized] Greek)--"silver"
  • Aristaios (ah-ris-TYE-os, [ancient] Greek)--"most excellent". Latin spelling is Aristaeus. [Greek god of rustic occupations: beekeeping, shepherding, cheesemaking, etc]
  • Astraios (AS-trye-os, [ancient] Greek)--"of the stars". Latin form is Astraeus (as-TRYE-us). [Greek Titan of the stars and astronomy]
  • Azarias (az-ah-RYE-as, [Biblical] Greek)--from Hebrew, "Yahweh has helped"
  • Caiaphas (KYE-ah-phas, [Hellenized] Aramaic)--poss. "valley, depression"
  • Caelius (KYE-lee-us, Latin)--masculine of Caelia/Celia, "heavenly"
  • Esaias (eh-SYE-as, [Biblical] Greek)--form of Hebrew Isaiah, "Yahweh is salvation". Other forms include Isaias (ee-SYE-as, Spanish) and Isaías (ee-ZYE-as, Portuguese). 
  • Euryalus (yoo-RYE-ah-lus, [anglicized] Greek)--prob. "wide sea" or "wide roaming"
  • Eutychus (yoo-TYE-kus, [anglicized] Greek)--"good luck"
  • Ezekias (ez-eh-KYE-as, [Biblical] Greek)--form of Hebrew Hezekiah, "Yahweh strengthens"
  • Gaius (GYE-us, Latin)--origin unknown. Other forms include Caius (KYE-us) and Gaianus (GYE-an-us).  
  • Hephaistos (HEF-eye-stos, [ancient] Greek)--Latin form is Hephaestus (hef-EYE-stus). [Greek god of fire, smiths, and craftsmen]
  • Iairos (YIGH-ros, [Biblical] Greek)--from Hebrew, "he enlightens". Latin spelling is Iairus
  • Josias (joh-SYE-as, [Biblical] Latin)--form of Hebrew Josiah, "Yahweh supports"
  • Kairos (kye-RAHS, [ancient] Greek)--"opportunity". Latin form is Caerus (KYE-rus). [Greek god of opportunity and luck; means "weather" in modern Greek]
  • Laelius (LYE-lee-us, Latin)
  • Linus (LYE-nus, [anglicized] Greek)--"flax"
  • Lycus (LYE-kus, [anglicized] Greek)--"wolf"
  • Ozias (oh-ZYE-as, [Biblical] Greek)--from Hebrew, "my strength is Yahweh"
  • Phaidros (FYE-dros, [ancient] Greek)--masculine of Phaedra, "bright". Latin spelling is Phaedrus
  • Phyleus (FYE-lee-us, [anglicized] Greek)--prob. "clan"
  • Quirinus (kwer-EYE-nus, Latin)--prob. "spear"
  • Tiberius (tye-BEER-ee-us, English)--from Latin "from the Tiber River"
  • Timaios (TIM-eye-os, [ancient] Greek)--"honored". Latin form is Timaeus (tim-EYE-us). 
  • Tiras (TYE-ras, [Biblical] Hebrew)
  • Traianus (TRYE-an-us, Latin)--original form of Trajan, origin unknown
  • Tydeus (TYE-dee-us, [anglicized] Greek)
  • Urias (yoo-RYE-as, [Biblical] Latin)--from Hebrew, "Yahweh is my light"
  • Zacharias (zak-ah-RYE-as, [Biblical] Greek)--form of Zachary, "Yahweh remembers"

(I can't seem to get away from the ancient boys' names, can I? Somehow I didn't expect that that's pretty much all this list would consist of......)

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