Wednesday, December 7, 2016

-Lines from A to Z

Latin has had a lot of impact on our naming. There are certain constructions that we can instantly say "that's a girls' name": -etta, -ella, -ia, etc. The latter two are definitely trending right now, and I think the -lines are next, led by Madeline, Adeline, Caroline, and Emmeline. So of course I have to find more. :)
The vast majority are French in origin, traditionally pronounced "leen" and Anglicized to "lyn", but modern "line" pronunciations are arguably the most popular for today's trending -lines (although for a few, like Caroline, "line" has already predominant for centuries in English).
I set myself the goal of finding new fun -line names, but rather than a massive list, I'm limiting myself to one for each letter, and it has to be a name I've never mentioned on my blog before.
*cracks knuckles*
Here we go.
  • Azéline (ah-zay-LEEN, French)--from Germanic Adel-, "noble"
  • Berteline (behr-teh-LEEN-eh, Danish)--from Germanic -bert-, "bright"
  • Céline (say-LEEN, French)--form of Latin Caelina, "heaven", or of Marcelline, prob. "of Mars"
  • Deline (deh-LEEN, Swedish)--short form of Adeline
  • Esseline (es-seh-LEEN-eh, Dutch)--poss. from Germanic Ans-, "god" or Heida-, "health"
  • Filine (fee-LEE-neh, Danish)--from Greek "love"
  • Gemeline (zheh-meh-LEEN, French)--prob. from Latin "twin" [also a surname]
  • Héline (ay-LEEN, French) / Heline (heh-LEEN, heh-LEE-neh, Scandinavian)--form of Helen
  • Iseline (ee-seh-LEEN, ee-seh-LEE-neh, Scandinavian; ee-zeh-LEEN, French)--from Germanic Isen-, "iron". 
  • Joceline (zhahs-LEEN, zhah-seh-LEEN, French)--feminine of Jocelyn [Jocelyn is masculine in French]
  • Kateline (KAT-eh-lin, [archaic] English; kah-teh-LEEN, French)--form of Katherine
  • Laureline (loh-reh-LEEN, French)--form of Laura [invented for a comic book heroine in the 60s, but caught on in real life]
  • Marcelline (mar-sel-LEEN, French)--feminine of Marcel [really, I haven't mentioned Marcelline on here yet? How is that possible?!]
  • Noéline (noh-ay-LEEN, French)--form of Noëlle
  • Ombeline (ohm-beh-LEEN, French)--prob. from Germanic Humbert, "bright warrior"
  • Péroline (pay-roh-LEEN, French) / Peroline (peh-roh-LEEN-eh, peh-roh-LEEN, Scandinavian)--prob. from Latin Petronilla, poss. "rock" or "rustic person"
  • Q. I should have known Q would sink me. Gah!
  • Roeline (roo-LEEN-eh, Dutch)--feminine of Roeland (Germanic, "famous land") or Roelof (Germanic, "famous wolf"). 
  • Sanceline (san-seh-LEEN, [archaic] French)--from Latin "saint"
  • Theoline (teh-oh-LEEN, French; teh-oh-LEEN-eh, Norwegian)--from Greek Theo-, "god", or Germanic Theud-, "people"
  • Ursuline (oor-soo-LEEN, French)--from Latin "little bear"
  • Veline (veh-LEEN-eh, Norwegian)--nickname for Vel-names, like Velaug (Old Norse, "promised sanctuary"), Velgjerd (Old Norse, "protector of the slain"), or Vellumine (archaic Norwegian, form of Wilhelmina)
  • Wendeline (ven-deh-LEEN-eh, Dutch, Swedish)--feminine of Wendel, "a Wend" ['Wend' was a term applied to various Slavic tribes over the centuries, origin uncertain]
  • X, Yeah, no X either. :(
  • Yveline (eev-eh-LEEN, eev-LEEN, French)--from Germanic Ivo-, "yew"
  • Zerline (tzehr-LEEN-eh, German; zur-LEEN, English; sehr-LEEN-eh, Scandinavian; zehr-LEEN, French)--form of Zerlina, a name invented by Mozart, poss. based on an old Yiddish form of Sarah

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