Sunday, May 7, 2017

Never Say 'Ever' Again...

Well, probably not. Since Everett (boys) and Everly (girls) are amongst the quickest rising names in the US (admittedly, that might change in a couple weeks, but I really doubt it, especially for Everly), I thought it'd be fun to see what other Ever- names we can find.
(And as amusing as they are to say, I'll be skipping some of the OE options that don't translate well into Modern English, like Evergrim and Everbald ;) )

  • Everald (EV-er-ald, English)--from OE/Germanic, "boar power". Another form is Everaldo (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese).
  • Everard (EV-er-ard, English)--from OE/Germanic, "strong boar". Another form is Everardo (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese).  [the original form of Everett]
  • Everelm (EV-er-elm, [medieval] English)--from OE/Germanic, "boar helmet"
  • Everin (EH-veh-reen, [archaic] Swedish)--diminutive of Evert and other Ever-names, pretty much all of which are from OE/Germanic eofor/ebur, "boar"
  • Evermund (EV-er-mund, Old English)--"boar protection"
  • Everold (EH-ver-ohlt, Germanic)--"friendly boar"
  • Evert (AY-vert, EH-vert, Dutch, German, Swedish)--form of Everard/Everett
  • Everulf (EV-er-ulf, Old English)--"boar-wolf"
  • Everwin (EV-er-win, [medieval] English)--from OE/Germanic, "boar friend"

  • Everalda (ev-eh-RAHLD-dah, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)--feminine of Everaldo
  • Everarda (ev-eh-RAHR-dah, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)--feminine of Everardo/Everard
  • Everild (EV-er-ild, Old English)--"boar battle". Latinized form is Everilda (also the modern Spanish & Italian form). 
  • Everina (ev-eh-REE-nah, English, Scandinavian)--feminine of Evert/Everett or other Ever-names. Another form is Everine (Scandinavian).
  • Everta (eh-VEHR-tah, Swedish)--feminine of Evert/Everett. Another form is Everdina (Dutch).

Surname possibilities?
  • Everdon (EV-er-don)--"boar hill". Another form is Eversden.
  • Everest/Everist (EV-er-est)--from the area Évreux in France, prob. from Gaulish eburo, "yew". Another form is Everiss. [the mountain was named after a geographer with the surname Everest]
  • Everick (EV-er-ik)--prob. "boar ruler" [presumably a patronymic from something like Everic/Eoforic/Eberich, but with the exception of one early medieval King Eboric, I can't find any records of those or similar actually being used]
  • Everill/Everall/Everell (EV-er-ell)--prob. matronymic from Everild
  • Evers (EV-ers)--patronymic from Everard or another Ever-name
  • Eversley (EV-ers-lee)--"boar field" or "Ever/Eofor's field"
  • Everson (EV-er-son)--patronymic from Everard or another Ever-name
  • Everton (EV-er-ton)--"boar town"

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