Sunday, August 21, 2011

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Ellie/Ella

*dies under avalanche of Ellas*
I kid, I kid. Ella/Ellie is potentially one of the most popular nicknames right now, though, with Isabella, Elizabeth, Ella, Gabriella, Elena, Isabel, Annabelle, & Giselle all in the top 100. Adding Eliana, just-plain-Ellie, Gabrielle, Daniela, Michelle, Elise, Ariel, Eleanor, & Eliza from the top 200, and well, that's a lot of El-s. If you still adore Ella, and want a more stand-out name, here're some for you:
  • Andela (ahn-DEL-ah, Czech)
  • Antonella (an-toh-NEL-lah, Italian)--feminine form of Anthony
  • Ayelet (eye-EL-et, Hebrew)--"gazelle"
  • Camellia (cam-EL-ee-ah, English)
  • Ĉiela (chee-EL-ah, Esperanto)
  • Cyrielle (see-ree-EL, French)--feminine form of Cyril
  • Elettra (el-LET-trah, Italian)--modern form of Electra
  • Elaheh (el-ah-HAY, Persian)--"goddess"
  • Eleni (el-EN-ee, Greek)--modern form of Helen
  • Eleri (el-EHR-ee, Welsh)
  • Eliora (el-ee-OHR-ah, Hebrew)--"my God is my light"
  • Elodia (ehl-OH-dee-ah, Spanish)--modern form of St. Alodia. French form is Elodie.
  • Elowen (el-OH-en, Cornish)
  • Eluned (el-EE-ned, Welsh)
  • Eumelia (yu-MEL-ee-ah, Greek)--"melody"
  • Finella (fin-EL-lah, Scottish)--anglicized from Fionnuala
  • Fiorella (fee-or-EL-lah, Italian)--"little flower"
  • Ionela (yoh-NEL-ah, Romanian)--feminine form of John
  • Mirella (meer-EL-lah, Italian)--form of Mireio


  1. It makes me so happy to see Eumelia on a post. I love it, but you very rarely see it around. Even in the name blogging world. Elettra and Elowen are also favourites of mine, although I'd never be able to use Ella as a nickname, as that is my nickname.

  2. From the BBC world.
    I clicked on your blog link and now I have a name for my baby if she's a girl (team green)
    This was the first post I read and got the name! Thank you =)