Saturday, August 6, 2011

Same Name?!--Elizabeth

Watching languages develop & diverge is fascinating--or at least, that's what I tell myself when even I see a crazy alternative spelling or try to decipher 1447spk on a forum. ;) While most of us realize that our modern versions of names aren't exactly the same as the original, it can be surprising how many familiar, everyday names share a common source. I can see myself doing many of these posts, so today I'm going to start with the many versions of the traditional classic Elizabeth.

Original Hebrew form: Elisheva [אֱלִישֶׁבַע] (el-ih-she-VAH)
Greek transliteration: Elisabet [Ελισαβετ] (eh-LIS-a-bet)

 Modern versions:
  • Alzbeta (alzh-BEH-tah)--Czech
  • Bethan (BETH-ahn)--Welsh
  • Bettina (bet-TEEN-ah)--German
  • Eilís (AYL-eesh)--Irish
  • Elisabetta (el-iss-ah-BET-tah)--Italian
  • Elisaveta (el-ee-sah-VET-ah)--Bulgarian
  • Eliska (el-EESH-kah)--Czech
  • Eliso (eh-LISS-oh)--Georgian
  • Elsa (EL-sah)--German
  • Elspeth (ELZ-peth)--Scottish
  • Elise/Elyse (el-EESE)--English
  • Elizabella (ee-liz-ah-BEL-lah)--archaic English
  • Isabeau (is-ah-bo)--Medieval French
  • Isabel (IZ-ah-bell or ees-ah-bell)--Medieval French
  • Isabella (iz-ah-BEL-lah)--Italian (from Isabel)
  • Isobel (IZ-oh-bell)--Scottish (from Isabel)
  • Liesel (LEEZ-el)--German
  • Lilibet (LIL-eh-bet)--English
  • Lisette (lih-sette)--French
  • Sabela (sah-BEL-ah)--Galician (from Isabel)
  • Spela (SPEL-ah)--Slovene

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