Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Same Name?!--Anna

Poor Anne is often held as the epitome of 'boring' names. And yet, she's also one of the most common contributors to compound names (e.g. Leanne, Marianne, Roseanna, Anneliese). Easy to say, with a sweet meaning, and a Biblical namesake, it's no wonder that Anna has been popular throughout the ages and all over the world.

Original Hebrew form: Channah [חַנָּ] (khah-nah)
Greek transliteration: Anna (AHN-nah)
English transliteration: Hannah (HAN-nah)

Modern versions:
  • Anaïs (ah-nah-EES)--French, Catalan
  • Aneta (ah-NET-ah)--Czech, Polish
  • Anika, Annika (AH-nee-kah)--German, Dutch, Scandinavian
  • Aniko (AW-nee-ko)--Hungarian
  • Anina (ah-NEE-nah)--German
  • Anita (ah-NEE-tah)--Spanish, Portuguese
  • Annag (AHN-nak)--Scottish
  • Annette (an-NET)--French
  • Annick (AHN-eek)--Breton
  • Anouk (ah-NOOK)--Dutch, French
  • Anu (AH-noo)--Estonian, Finnish
  • Anya (AHN-ya)--Russian
  • Hana (HAH-nah)--Croatian, Czech
  • Hania (HAHN-yah)--Polish
  • Nancy (NAN-see)--English
  • Ninon (nee-NOHN)--French
  • Ona (OH-nah)--Lithuanian

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