Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Usual Nickname; Unexpected Name--Jenny/Ginny

Jenny is an interesting case. As a quick look at the SSA's charts will show, Jennifer/Jenifer has only been around since about 1940, and was the top girls' name for a whopping 15 years--1970-1984. As a result, it feels a bit dated (despite the fact that it's still reasonably common for new babes). It's usual nickname, though, Jenny, been on the SSA lists for as long as the lists have been around! Usually nicknames only become popular as given names when the full form has become tired and boring.
The secret to Jenny's longevity? It was originally a nickname for Jane!

  • Efigenia (ef-fih-ZHEN-yah, Portuguese)--form of Iphigenia (if-ih-jen-EYE-ah, Greek)
  • Eugenia (yu-JEN-ee-ah, English, Italian, Polish)--feminine form of Eugene.
  • Geneva (jen-EE-vah, English)--either from Genevieve or the Swiss city
  • Genevieve (JEN-e-veev, English; or zhen-e-vee-ev, French)
  • Genista (jen-IS-tah, English)
  • Gennadiya (gee-NAH-dee-ah, Russian)--"noble, generous"
  • Ginevra (jin-EV-rah, Italian)--form of Guinevere 
  • Imogen (IM-o-jen, English)
  • Jeanette (jen-ETTE, English; or zhen-net, French)
  • Jessamine (JES-sah-min, English)--from an older version of Jasmine
  • Jinan (jih-NAHN, Arabic)--"garden, paradise"
  • Virginia (ver-JIN-yah, English)

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