Friday, March 9, 2012

Weathering the Weather

I admit, sometimes I come across fun new names, and have to come up with a way to work them into a post (without being ridiculously obvious, of course). So, we'll say these names are in honor of this unusual winter.
I covered rain & other bad-weather names pretty well in the Hurricane Names post, so here're (mostly) happy meteorological names.

  • Edur (ED-oor, Basque)--"snow"
  • Elio (EL-yoh, Italian)--from Latin Aelius, "sun"
  • Frediano (fred-YAH-noh, Italian)--"cold"
  • Pyry (PÜ-rü, Finnish [ü is roughly between the English 'ih' & 'uh'] )--"snowstorm"
  • Ravi (rah-VEE, Indian [Hindi])--"sun"
  • Ryo (ryoh, Japanese)--"cool, refreshing" [can also mean "reality"]
  • Sorin (soh-REEN, Romanian)--"sun"

  • Bora (BOH-rah, Albanian)--"snow"
  • Edurne (eh-DOOR-nay, Basque)--"snow"
  • Eira (AY-rah or EYE-rah, Welsh)--"snow"
  • Fanna (FAHN-nah, Swedish)--from Old Norse, "snowdrift"
  • Haizea (eye-ZAY-ah, Basque)--"wind"
  • Heulwen (HAYL-wen, Welsh)--"sunshine"
  • Kasumi (kah-soo-mee, Japanese)--"misty"
  • Lumi (LOO-mee, Finnish)--"snow"
  • Nasim (nah-seem, Arabic)--"breeze"
  • Soleil (soh-LAY, French)--"sun"
  • Sorina (soh-REEN-nah, Romanian)--"sun"
  • Sunčana (SOON-chah-nah, Croatian)--"sunny"
  • Terhi (TEHR-hee, Finnish)--"mist"
  • Tesni (TES-nee, Welsh)--"warming sunshine"
  • Yuki (yoo-kee, Japanese)--"snow" [can also mean "happiness"]

  • Haru (hah-roo, Japanese)--"sunlight" [can also mean "spring"]
  • Makani (mah-kah-nee, Hawaiian)--"wind"
  • Noe (noh-ay, Hawaiian)--"mist"
  • Xue (shooeh, Chinese)--"snow" [can also mean "learning"]

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  1. The only ones of these I've come across IRL are the Japanese ones. I lived there for 9 months and regularly heard all of the ones you listed. And Soleil. Eira is a pretty alternative to Ira!!