Friday, September 2, 2011

Hurricane Baby Names

A recent post on another board got me wondering just how many little surprises are going to be due about 40 weeks after Hurricane Irene. So, in honor of those future little ones, names inspired by one big storm:

  • Anan (AY-nan, Hebrew)--"cloud"
  • Corentin (koh-REN-tin, Breton)--"hurricane"
  • Esmond (ES-mond, English)--"grace and protection". Older form is Eastmund.
  • Guntur (GOON-toor, Indonesian)--"thunder"
  • Ireneus (eye-REN-eh-us, Greek)--The male form of Irene,  ironically, meaning "peaceful".
  • Mazin (MAZ-in, Arabic)--"rain clouds"
  • Meriwether (MEHR-ee-we-ther, English)--"happy weather"
  • Noah (NOH-ah, Hebrew)
  • Perun (PEHR-uhn, Slavic)--"thunder"
  • Raijin (rye-jin, Japanese)--the Japanese thunder god. Also transliterated as Raiden.
  • Salman (SAL-man, Arabic)--"safe"
  • Shemer (SHEH-mer,  Hebrew)--"preserved"
  • Tollak (TOL-lak, Norwegian)--"Thor's play" [Thor was the Norse god of, among other things, thunder.]
  • Zephyr (ZEF-er, Greek)--the Greek god of the west wind

  • Arina (ah-REE-nah, Russian)--form of Irene
  • Arke (AR-kay, Greek)--Greek rainbow and messenger goddess; twin sister to Iris.
  • Anila (ah-nee-lah, Indian [Hindi])--"wind"
  • Audra (AW-drah, Lithuanian)--"storm"
  • Enfys (EN-vis, Welsh)--"rainbow"
  • Era (EHR-ah, Albanian)--"wind"
  • Esen (EH-sen, Turkish)--"the wind"
  • Gabija (gah-bee-YAH, Lithuanian)--"to cover". The Lithuanian goddess of the home.
  • Gale (GAYL, English)--"strong wind". Also a short form of the unrelated Abigail.
  • Haven (HAY-ven, English)--"safe place"
  • Iria (EE-ree-ah, Portuguese)--form of Irene.
  • Iris (EYE-ris, Greek)--Greek rainbow and messenger goddess.
  • Keshet (KESH-et, Hebrew)--"rainbow"
  • Maya (mah-yah, Hebrew)--"water"
  • Mealla (mee-AHL-la, Irish)--"lightning"
  • Nephele (NEF-el-ee, Greek)--"cloudy"
  • Nerissa (nehr-IS-sah, English)--from Greek, "sea sprite"
  • Salma (SAL-mah, Arabic)--"safe"
  • Tempest (TEM-pest, English)--"storm"
  • Thora (THOHR-ah, Scandinavian)--feminine of Thor.

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