Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Same Name?!--Mary

I admit, I've been putting this one off for a while--Mary is easily one of the most widespread & translated names of all time!
Often held up as the prime example of a "boring" name, it's still surprisingly common for new babes. Spin-offs Mariah, Maria, MaiaMia, & Malia are more popular in the U.S., but there's still even more versions ready for use!

Original Hebrew form: Miryam [מִרְיָם] (meer-YAHM)
Latin transliteration: Maria (mah-REE-ah)

Modern forms:
  • Maia (MY-ah)--Basque
  • Maike (MY-keh)--Frisian
  • Mair (MIRE)--Welsh
  • Maire (MOI-rah)--Irish. Anglicized as Moira or Maura.
  • Majken (MY-kyen)--Swedish
  • Malia (mah-lee-ah)--Hawaiian
  • Mareike (mah-RYE-keh)--German, Dutch
  • Mariam (MAIR-ee-am)--Greek
  • Marian (MAIR-ee-an)--English
  • Mariel (MAIR-ee-el)--English
  • Marietta (mahr-ee-ET-tah)--Italian
  • Marika (MAH-ree-kah)--Estonian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish
  • Marike (MAH-ree-keh)--Dutch
  • Mariska (mah-REESH-kah)--Hungarian
  • Maritta (mah-REET-tah)--Finnish
  • Marjatta (mahr-YAHT-tah)--Finnish
  • Maryla (mahr-IL-lah)--Polish
  • Maryse (mah-REESE)--French
  • Maureen (maw-REEN)--Irish. Anglicized from Maírín.
  • Meike (MYE-keh)--German
  • Meryem (MEHR-ee-em)--Turkish
  • Mirele (MEE-reh-leh)--Yiddish
  • Miren (MEER-en)--Basque
  • Moirrey (MUR-ra or MOHR-reh)--Manx
  • Molly (MOL-lee)--English

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