Saturday, April 28, 2012

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Izzy

Combined, Isabella & Isabelle are easily the most popular girls' name. Chances are many were named to get that to that cool Bella, but just as many likely go by Izzy (to preemptively avoid Bella).

  • Aliza (ah-lee-ZAH, Hebrew)--"joyful"
  • Isabeau (ee-sah-BOH, French)--Archaic variant of Isabel/Elizabeth.
  • Isadora (iz-ah-DOH-rah, English)--from Greek, "gift of Isis". Also spelled Isidora.
  • Isaura (ee-SOW-rah, Spanish)
  • Iscah (IS-kah, Hebrew)--original form of Jessica
  • Iseul (ee-sul, Korean)--"dew"
  • Isis (EYE-sis, Greek)--from Egyptian. Egyptian goddess of nature and the sky. Also written as Iset.
  • Iskra (EES-krah, Slavic)--"spark"
  • Ismene (is-MAY-nee, Greek)--"knowledge"
  • Isolde (ee-ZOL-deh, English)--from Celtic, meaning uncertain. Variants include Isotta & Iseult.
  • Isra (IS-rah, Arabic)
  • Izar (ee-sar [r is trilled/rolled], Basque)--"star"
  • Izdihar (is-dee-HAR, Arabic)--"blossoming"
  • Izumi (ee-zoo-mee, Japanese)--"fountain"
  • Mizuki (mee-zoo-kee, Japanese)

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  1. Oh, good list. Although I'm not an Izzy fan, if I had to go with a name to get to it, I think I would go with Isamaya. It's just so pretty.