Monday, April 2, 2012

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name: Kate/Kat/Kitty

Wow. This was a hard one. I challenged myself to not use any Katherine-variants on this list. Consequently, this list has a lot less Western Europe than usual. :)

  • Ankita (ahn-kee-tah, Indian [Hindi])
  • Arcadia (ar-KAY-dee-ah, English; or ahr-KAH-dee-ah, Greek & Portuguese)
  • Carita (kah-REE-tah, Swedish)--from Latin, "dear one" or "charity"
  • Christine (kris-TEEN, French & English)--from Latin, form of Christian. Other forms include Christina & Kristin [if you think this one's odd--Kit is a nickname for Christopher, so why not for the feminine Christ-names?]
  • Chrysanta (kris-AN-tah, English)--from Latin, "golden flower"
  • Giachetta (jah-KET-tah, Italian)--feminine form of Jacob
  • Kanti (kahn-tee, Indian [Hindi])--"beauty"
  • Katar (kah-TAHR, Armenian)--"peak, summit"
  • Katida (kah-TEE-dah, Esperanto)
  • Katriela (kah-tree-EL-lah, Hebrew)--"crown of God"
  • Katsumi (kaht-soo-mee, Japanese)--"victorious beauty"
  • Kavita (kah-vee-tah, Indian [Hindi])--"poem"
  • Keturah (keh-TOO-rah, [Biblical] Hebrew)
  • Ketziah (ket-ZYE-ah, [Biblical] Hebrew)--original form of Keziah
  • Kirtida (keer-tee-dah, Indian [Hindi])
  • Kvĕta (KVEH-tah, Czech)--"flower"
  • Leocadia (leh-oh-KAH-dee-ah, Spanish, Italian)
  • Markéta (mar-KEH-tah, Czech)--form of Margaret. Spelled Marketta in Finnish.

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