Friday, January 18, 2013

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Carrie/Kari

The usual nickname for the classic Caroline, Carrie also has a timeless feel, although its use as a given name  has tanked over the last three decades. Her cousin Kari ("kah-ree", not "kehr-ee"), originally a nickname for Katarina, had a brief spike in the 70/80s, and I'm honestly surprised she's so rare now.
There're surprisingly few names that lead to Carrie, at least in my accent, and I imagine that can vary greatly by region. So, I'm combining Carrie & Kari into a list for both:

  • Caridad (kah-ree-DAHD, Spanish)--"charity"
  • Carita (kah-REE-tah, Scandinavian)
  • Carlota (kahr-LOH-tah, Portuguese, Spanish)--form of Charlotte. Italian form is Carlotta.
  • Carme (KAHR-meh, Catalan)--form of Carmen
  • Carola (kah-ROH-lah, Italian, German, Scandinavian). Also spelled Karola.
  • Hikari (hee-kah-ree, Japanese)--"light". Unisex form is Hikaru.
  • Inkeri (EEN-keh-ree, Finnish)--form of Ingrid.
  • Karella (kah-REL-lah, Scandinavian)--feminine of Karel/Karl/Charles
  • Karesinda (kah-reh-SEEN-dah, Esperanto)--"worthy of caress"
  • Karima (kah-REE-mah, Arabic)--"noble"
  • Karishma (kah-RISH-mah, Hindi)--"miracle"
  • Karstine (kar-STEE-neh, German)--form of Christine
  • Kerensa (keh-REN-zah, Cornish)--"love"
  • Kerttuli (KEHR-too-lee, Finnish)--form of Gertrude
  • Macaria (mah-KAH-ree-ah, Portuguese, Spanish)--from Latin, "blessed"

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