Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Modern But Not (boys)

I've dedicated quite a few posts to names that stand out. But what if you want a name that's modern, but not too weird or derivative--that is, blends in?
Modern American names tend to follow certain phonetic trends--the biggest trend for boys is the Aidens (I'll be bypassing this one; pretty much any iteration is probably already in use!). In general, modern boys' names tend to start with 'Br', J, K, T, Z; contain A, J, K, Q, X, Z; and end in 'en', 'on', or 'er'.

  • Aeson (EE-son, Greek)
  • Ariston (AH-ris-ton, Greek)--"the best"
  • Andon (AHN-don, Bulgarian)--form of Anthony
  • Anson (AN-son, English)
  • Azhar (AZ-har, Arabic)--"shining"
  • Berker (BEHR-kehr, Turkish)
  • Bhaskar (BHAS-kahr, Hindi)--"shining"
  • Brynjar (BRIN-yar, Scandinavian)--"armoured warrior"
  • Brynmor (BRIN-mohr, Welsh)
  • Cebrian (seb-ree-AHN, Spanish)
  • Dathan (DAY-tahn, DAH-than, English)--from Hebrew, "fountain"
  • Davorin (DAH-vor-in, Croatian)
  • Dražen (DRAH-zen, Croatian)--"precious"
  • Demir (deh-MEER, Turkish)--"iron"
  • Eifion (AYV-yon, EYE-vyon, Welsh)
  • Elystan (eh-LIS-tan, Welsh)
  • Evren (ev-REHN, Turkish)--"the universe"
  • Fintan (FIN-tan, Irish)--"white fire"
  • Imran (im-RAHN, Arabic)
  • Karsten (KAR-sten, German)--form of Christian
  • Kayetan (KYE-eh-tahn, German)
  • Kenyon (KEN-yon, English)
  • Kynaston (KIN-ah-ston, English)
  • Macsen (MAK-sen, Welsh)--form of Maximus
  • Nayden (NYE-den, Bulgarian)
  • Nevan (NEV-an, Irish)--anglicized from Naomhán, "little saint"
  • Rayner (RAY-ner, English)
  • Saxon ( SAKS-on, English)
  • Torsten (TOR-sten, German, Scandinavian)
  • Tychon (TYE-kon, Greek)
  • Zaman (zah-MAN, Arabic)--"time, era"
  • Zorion (soh-ree-ohn, Basque)--"happiness"

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