Thursday, January 3, 2013

Same Name?!--Bridget

Poor confused Bridget. To some, she's an underused classic; to others, inescapably 70s'; and to many, quintessential Irish. One of the many goddess-names that has made it into common use; she's also the name of two saints, and has thus spread throughout the Western World.

Original Irish form: Brighid (BREED. BREEJ)
English form: Bridget (BRIJ-et)

Other forms:
  • Berit (BEHR-it)--Scandinavian
  • Birgitta (beer-GEE-tah)--Scandinavian
  • Bricia (BREE-see-ah)--Spanish [may also be from Bricius]
  • Brighde (BREE-jeh)--Scottish
  • Brigida (BREE-hee-dah)--Spanish
  • Brígida (BREE-zhee-dah)--Portuguese
  • Brigitte (bree-ZHEET)--French
  • Brygida (bri-GEE-dah)--Polish
  • Ffraid (FRIDE)--Welsh
  • Piritta (PEER-eet-tah)--Finnish

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