Thursday, December 12, 2013

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Nikki

How on earth did I do a Nicky-names post for boys, and not include some for girls? Shame, shame.
Nicole, of course, was a staple of 80s naming, and surprisingly, isn't too far out of the Top 100 today. Nicolette & Nicola are pretty recognizable variants, but what else can lead to Nicki?

(I also have to say, how amazed I am--whenever I do one of these posts, I discover some great names that really could work for previous UNUNs!)

  • Adonika (ah-DOH-nee-kah, Swedish)--feminine of Adonis
  • Ainikki (EYE-neek-kee, Finnish)
  • Andronika (ahn-DRON-ee-kah, Greek)
  • Annika (AHN-nee-kah, Scandinavian)--form of Anna/Hannah. Other forms include Anniken (AHN-nee-ken, Norwegian), and Annikki (AHN-neek-kee, Finnish).
  • Arnika (AHR-nee-kah, Scandinavian--from Germanic, "eagle" [coincides with German & Polish arnika, cognate of the plant arnica]
  • Aunikki (OW-neek-kee, Finnish)--form of Agnes
  • Dominika (doh-MEE-nee-kah, Czech, Russian, Slovak; doh-mee-NEE-kah, Polish)--feminine of Dominic. Another form is Domnika (DOM-nee-kah, Macedonian).
  • Enikő (EN-ee-koo, Hungarian)
  • Hennika (HEN-nee-kah, Scandinavian)--feminine of Henry
  • Jannike (YAH-nee-kah, Scandinavian)--form of Jane. Other forms include Janneke (Dutch) and Jannicke (Norwegian).
  • Mainikki (MYE-neek-kee, Finnish)--"wonderful"
  • Nicaia (NEE-kah-yah, [Ancient] Greek)
  • Nicolaia (NEE-koh-lah-yah, Danish)--Another form of Nicole. Also spelled Nikolaia.
  • Nicolina (nee-koh-LEE-nah, Italian)--And another form of Nicole. Also spelled Nikolina.
  • Nikhila (NIK-hil-ah, Hindi)
  • Nikita (nee-KEE-tah, English, Scandinavian)--from Greek via Russian, "unconquerable"
  • Veronika (veh-RON-ih-kah, veh-roh-NEE-kah, vehr-OH-nee-kah)--also spelled Veronica.

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