Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rare But Real (2014)

Yay rare names! Here are some of the gems somehow only given to 5 babies last year.
(excluding any which might have appeared on previous 'Rare but Reals'--2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)

  • Alvar (AHL-vahr, Scandinavian, Spanish)
  • Cosmas (KOHZ-mas, Greek, German)
  • Ithiel (ITH-ee-el, EE-thee-el, [Biblical] Hebrew)--"God is with me".
  • Itiel (ee-tee-EL, Hebrew, French, Spanish)--form of Ithiel
  • Jolyon (JOHL-yon, [medieval] English)--form of Julian
  • Joram (JOHR-am, English)--from Biblical Hebrew, "exalted by God"
  • Remus (REE-mus, English, REH-mus, German, Romanian)
  • Selwyn (SEL-win, English)
  • Wolfram (WUL-fram, English; VOHL-frahm, German)--from Germanic "wolf" and "raven"
  • Wyman (WYE-man, English)
  • Zenas (ZEH-nas, [Biblical] Greek)

  • Almas (al-MAHS, Arabic)--from Persian, "diamond"
  • Carola (kah-ROH-lah, German, Spanish, Scandinavian, Italian; KAH-raw-lah, Swedish)
  • Cleona (klee-OH-nah, kleh-OH-nah, [ancient] Greek)--"glory"
  • Dione (dee-AHN, DYE-oh-nee, English; dee-OH-nee, dee-OH-nay, Greek)--from Greek, "goddess"
  • Fiorenza (fee-oh-REN-tsah, Italian)--form of Florence
  • Florina (floh-REE-nah, Italian, Romanian)--form of Flora
  • Graciana (grah-see-AH-nah, Spanish)--from Latin, "from grace"
  • Kavita (kuh-VEE-tah, Hindi)--"poem, poetry"
  • Marlise (mar-LEES, English; mahr-LEE-zeh, German)--contraction of Mary Elisabeth
  • Naamah (nah-ah-mah, Hebrew, NAY-uh-mah, English)
  • Nerys (NEHR-is, Welsh)--"lordly"
  • Prisca (PRIS-kah, Latin)--form of Priscilla
  • Viviette (viv-ee-ET, English)--form of Vivian

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  1. I love this list so much! Hearing about names that are rare and unique are my favorite thing. I love Remus and Wyman for boys and Cleona, Graciana, Prisca, and Viviette. My friend actually wants to use Graciana for her future daughter.