Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Same Name?!--Raymond

If you're anything like me, you consider Raymond a "grandpa name" (and I'm not trying to be mean; it is literally my grandpa's name). But, like many Germanic names, it has spread far and wide across Europe, helped by several saints.

Original Germanic form: Raginmund ("RAH-gin-moont")
English form: Raymond (RAY-mund)

Other forms:
  • Erramun (ehr-rah-moon)--Basque
  • Ramón (rah-MOHN)--Spanish
  • Raimo (RYE-moh)--Finnish
  • Raimondas (rye-MAWN-das)--Lithuanian
  • Raimondo (rye-MOHN-doh)--Italian
  • Raimund (RYE-moont)--German. Also spelled Reimund.
  • Raimundo (rye-MOON-doh)--Spanish, Portuguese. Also spelled Raymundo.
  • Raymond (ray-MAWN)--French
  • Raymond (RYE-mond)--Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish
  • Réamann (RAY-man)--Irish
  • Redmond (RED-mund)--[Anglicized] Irish
  • Reima (RAY-mah)--Finnish

Feminine forms:
  • Erramona (ehr-rah-moh-nah)--Basque
  • Raimonda (rye-MOHN-dah)--Italian
  • Raimunde (rye-MOON-deh)--German
  • Ramona (rah-MOHN-ah)--English, Italian, Romanian, Spanish)
  • Ramóna (raw-MOHN-ah)--Hungarian
  • Raymonde (ray-MAWND)--French

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