Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Flowers A-Z

Happy Spring! I'm going to celebrate with a flower post! But, since I do have a tendency to go a bit overboard with the long lists, I'm imposing two rules on myself: one flower/name per letter, and only names I've not mentioned before on here.
*cracks knuckles*
Here we go.

  • Aubretia (aw-BREE-shah)--also called Aubrieta (aw-bree-ET-tah) [does this count as breaking a rule already?]
  • Bergenia (ber-GEEN-ee-ah, ber-JEN-ee-ah)
  • Clematis (klem-AT-is, KLEM-ah-tis)
  • Diascia (dye-AY-shah)
  • Eglantine (EG-lan-tine, eg-lan-TEEN) [I tried to find something else, I really did. How are there so few flowers starting with E?]
  • Freesia (FREE-zhah)
  • Gaura (GOHR-ah, GAWR-ah)
  • Heliantha (hee-lee-AN-thah) or Helianthe (hee-lee-AN-thee) [from Helianthus, a sunflower genus. Cheating?]
  • 'Ilima (ee-LEE-mah)
  • Justicia (jus-TIS-ee-ah, jus-TISH-ah)
  • Kerria (KEHR-ee-ah)
  • Lupin (LOO-pin)--also spelled Lupine (American English)
  • Malva (MAHL-vah)
  • Nigella (nye-JEL-lah)
  • Orris (OR-ris)
  • Plumeria (ploo-MEHR-ee-ah)
  • Quince (KWINS)
  • Ruellia (roo-EL-lee-ah)
  • Scilla (SIL-lah)
  • Tamarisk (TAM-ah-risk)--also called Tamarix (TAM-ah-riks)
  • Ursinia (oor-SIN-ee-ah)
  • Vinca (VEEN-kah)
  • Wulfenia (wool-FEEN-ee-ah)
  • Xeranthe (zehr-AN-thee) or Xerantha (zehr-AN-thah) [from Xeranthemum, another sunflower genus]
  • Yarrow (YEHR-oh)--I failed. I've used Yarrow before, but I can't come up with any other flowering plants for Y. :(
  • Zephyranthe (zef-er-AN-thee) [from Zephyranthes, an amaryllis genus]

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