Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Cal

Handsome Cal! How have I forgotten you? While Cal is starting to gain use on its own, it's still down below the Top 1000. Traditionally short for Calvin, of course, but there are plenty of other great options.
Thanks to Nicole for this suggestion. :)

  • Calaïs (KAH-lah-ees, [ancient] Greek)--"turquoise"
  • Calamus (KAL-ah-mus, [ancient] Greek)--"reed"
  • Calchas (KAL-kas, [ancient] Greek)--uncertain, poss. "purple" or "to make trouble"
  • Calbhach (KAL-vak, KAHL-wak, Irish)--cognate of Calvin. Anglicized as Calvagh (KAL-vah). 
  • Calidore (KAL-id-or, English)--poss. from Greek, "beautiful gift"
  • Calixte (kah-LICKST, French)--from Greek, "most beautiful". Other forms include Callistus (kah-LIS-tus, Latin) and Calisto (kah-LEES-toh, Spanish, Portuguese).
  • Callahan (KAL-ah-han, Irish [surname])--diminutive of Ceallach (KAL-akh), the original form of Kelly
  • Callan (KAL-lan, Irish [surname])--either from Cathaláin (KAH-hal-ahn, "battle power") or from one of the places named for High King Niall Caill, meaning uncertain, poss. "Niall of the forest".
  • Callias (KAL-ee-as, kah-LEE-as, [ancient] Greek)--"beauty"
  • Callinus (KAL-in-us, [ancient] Greek)--"beautiful". 
  • Callister (KAL-is-ter, Scottish [surname])--shortening of MacAlister, "son of Alistair/Alexander".
  • Calloway (KAL-oh-way, English [surname])--poss. from French, "pebble". Also spelled Callaway.
  • Callum (KAL-um, Scottish)--from Latin, "dove". Also spelled Calum. Another form is Kalman (KAHL-man, Scandinavian).
  • Calydon (KAL-id-ahn, [ancient] Greek)
  • Carlisle (KAR-lile, English)
  • Carroll (KEHR-ol, English; KAH-rol, Irish)--from Irish, "cutting". Anglicized from Cearbhall (KAH-rool).
  • Chalcon (KAL-con, [ancient] Greek)--poss. "copper"
  • Kalevi (KAH-lev-ee, Finnish)--poss. from Estonian "cloth". Other forms include Kalervo (KAH-lehr-voh, Finnish) and Kalev (KAH-lev, Estonian).
  • Kalle (KAHL-leh, Scandinavian)--form of Charles/Karl. Also spelled Calle. Other forms include Kallu (KAHL-loo, Finnish).
  • Kálmán (KAL-man, Hungarian)
  • Kalmen (KAHL-men, Yiddish)--from Greek, "good name". Also spelled Kalman.
  • Kaloyan (kah-loh-YAHN, Bulgarian)--"handsome John"
  • Kalyan (kal-YAHN, Hindi)--"beautiful"
  • Pascal (pas-KAL, French)--"Easter"

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  1. Oh my gosh, thank you!!!! What an amazing list. I am bookmarking this for kid no. 2.