Sunday, January 28, 2018

Un Otro Reto Alfabético

Names ending in "oh" are trending pretty nicely right now, mostly for boys, but definitely a bit for girls as well. The boys' names mostly tend to actually end with -o, but for girls they're more mixed--some -o, some -ot, some -ow/owe.
For some crazy reason, I felt like setting myself another alphabet challenge--for both genders.
The rules are simple: one name for each letter, and it can't be a name I've mentioned before on this blog.

  • Aro (AH-roh, Swedish, Finnish [trilled R in Finnish])--form of Aaron
  • Breno (BREH-noo [short 'oo', like "foot"], Portuguese)--from Latinized Gaelic, prob. "prince" or "raven" [making it a form of either Brendan or Bran]
  • Cisco (SIS-koh, Spanish)--short form of Francisco
  • Darrow (DEHR-oh, DA-row, Scottish [surname])--prob. from darach "oak"
  • Ensio (EN-see-oh, Finnish)--"first"
  • Franco (FRAHN-koh, Italian)--form of Frank or short form of Francesco, both from the Germanic tribe name 'Franks'. 
  • Gaio (GYE-oh, Italian)--from Latin Gaius/Caius, origin uncertain
  • Hanno (HAHN-no, German)--short form of Johannes
  • Ícaro (EE-kah-roo [short 'oo', like "foot"], Portuguese; EE-kah-oh, Spanish)--form of Icarus
  • Jesco / Jesko (YES-koh, German; JES-koh, English)--nickname for Slavic jar/yar- names, "spring [the season]" or "power"
  • Kenno (KEN-noh, Danish, Finnish)--nickname for Germanic kun/cun-names, "kin"
  • Laszlo (LAZ-loh, English)--from Hungarian László, itself from Slavic Vladislav, "rule-glory"
  • Miro (MEE-roh, Croatian, Italian, Finnish, Slovene, Swedish)--short form of Slavic mir- names, "peace"
  • Nilo (NEE-loh, Italian, Spanish; NEE-loo [short 'oo', like "foot"], Portuguese)--form of 'Nile' [the river], or short form of Danilo
  • Odino (oh-DEE-noh, Italian)--form of Odin
  • Pelayo (pel-EYE-oh, Spanish)--from Ancient Greek Pelagius, "sea"
  • Quincio (KEEN-see-oh, Spanish) / Quíncio (KEEN-see-oo [short 'oo', like "foot"], Portuguese)--form of Quintius/Quincy
  • Renzo (REN-tsoh, Italian; REN-soh, Spanish; REN-zoo [short 'oo', like "foot"], Portuguese)--short form of Lorenzo
  • Sidlow (SID-loh, English [surname])--origin uncertain, poss. "south hill" or "wide hill"
  • Távio (TAHV-yoo [short 'oo', like "foot"], Portuguese)--short form of Otávio/Octávio
  • Usebio (oo-SEH-bee-oh, Aragonese, Spanish)--from Ancient Greek, "good worship" or "well-respected"
  • Vico (VEE-koh, Italian)--nickname for Ludovico/Louis
  • Wilko / Wilco (VIL-koh, Dutch, German)--diminutive of William and other Wil-names.
  • Xanto (KSAHN-toh, Italian)--from Ancient Greek, "yellow" [a masculine form of name-nerd favorite Xanthe]
  • Y--gah, I've got nothing I haven't mentioned before (although I really thought it'd be Q or X that got me, so yay!)
  • Zaccheo (zak-KEH-oh, Italian)--from Biblical Hebrew Zacchaeus, "pure"

  • Argyro (ahr-gee-ROH, Greek)--"silver"
  • Bio (bee-OH, [ancient] Greek; BEE-oh, Anglicized)--prob. "life" or "force"
  • Caro (KEHR-oh, KA-roh, KAH-roh, English; KAH-roh, Dutch, German, Spanish)--nickname for Caroline/Carolina and other Car-names
  • Damaro (dah-mah-ROH, [ancient] Greek; dah-MAH-roh, Anglicized)--prob. "taming" or "wife"
  • Emmelot (em-meh-LOH, [medieval] French)--diminutive of Emma-names
  • Fairlow / Fairlowe (FEHR-loh, FAYR-loh, English [surname])--poss. "pleasant hill" or "fern hill". 
  • Gwenno (GWEN-noh, Welsh)--diminutive of Gwen-names
  • Haido (HYE-doh, Greek)--prob. "caress" [likely source of the literary name Haidee/Haydée]
  • Ivalo (EE-vah-loh, Danish, Greenlandic)--from Greenlandic, "sinew, thread"
  • Jurietto (joo-ree-et-toh, Japanese [pop culture])--gairaigo ["Japanization"] of Juliet
  • Kallo (kah-LOH, [ancient] Greek; KAL-loh, Anglicized)--prob. "beautiful"
  • Laino (lahn-yoh, Basque)--"cloud, mist"
  • Margalo (MAR-gah-loh, English)--contraction of Margaret Lorraine
  • Nikeso (nik-ay-SOH, [ancient] Greek; nik-EE-soh, Anglicized)--prob. "victory" or "victor"
  • Orvo (OR-voh, Finnish)--short form of Orvokki "violet flower" [unisex]
  • Phaio (fye-OH, Greek [mythology]) / Phaeo (FEE-oh, Anglicized)--"shining"
  • Q--nada. Lost twice over. :/
  • Runo (ROO-noh, Finnish)--"poem" [unisex]
  • Siro (SEE-roh, Finnish)--"graceful"
  • Tayloe / Taylo (TAY-loh, English [surname])--poss. form of Taylor, or from 'teal' [a type of duck]
  • Ushio (oo-shee-oh, Japanese)--"tide" [unisex]
  • Vireo (VEER-ee-oh, English [word, quite rare as a name])--a type of bird, from Latin "green"
  • Wealthow / Wealtheow (WEL-thoh / WEL-theh-oh, [literary] English)--origin uncertain, poss. "foreign servant"
  • Xenno (ksen-NOH, [ancient] Greek; ZEN-noh, Anglicized)--prob. "guest, hospitality"
  • Ysabeau (ee-zah-BOH, [medieval] French)--form of Isabel/Elizabeth
  • Zafiro (sah-FEE-roh, Spanish)--"sapphire"

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