Thursday, February 1, 2018

Names of Ghibli (girls)

I'm a massive Studio Ghibli fan, so I have no idea how this post never occurred to me before now. ;)

Miyazaki especially is known for his strong, well-developed female characters, so I thought it'd be fun to go through all the Ghibli films (totally not an excuse for a movie binge night....or week, really) and collect every girls' name mentioned.
[in some cases, the characters are only named in the credits]

Main / important secondary characters:
  • Anna (When Marnie Was There)
  • Arrietty (The Secret World of Arrietty)
  • Chihiro "Sen" (Spirited Away)
  • Dola (Castle in the Sky)
  • Eboshi (Princess Mononoke)
  • Fio (Porco Rosso)
  • Gina (Porco Rosso)
  • Haru (The Cat Returns)
  • Homily (The Secret World of Arrietty)
  • Kaguya (The Tale of Princess Kaguya)
  • Kiki (Kiki's Delivery Service)
  • Kushana (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind [okay, not strictly Studio Ghibli, made before its formation, but I'm including it anyway])
  • Lin (Spirited Away)
  • Lisa (Ponyo)
  • Lusheeta  "Sheeta" (Castle in the Sky)
  • Marnie (When Marnie Was There)
  • Matsuko (My Neighbors the Yamadas)
  • Mei (My Neighbor Totoro)
  • Nahoko (The Wind Rises)
  • Nausicaä (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)
  • Nonoko (My Neighbors the Yamadas)
  • Osono (Kiki's Delivery Service)
  • Ponyo (Ponyo)
  • Rikako (Ocean Waves)
  • San (Princess Mononoke)
  • Satsuki (My Neighbor Totoro)
  • Sayaka (When Marnie Was There)
  • Setsuko (Grave of the Fireflies)
  • Shige (My Neighbors the Yamadas)
  • Shizuku (Whisper of the Heart)
  • Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle)
  • Taeko (Only Yesterday)
  • Tenar (Tales from Earthsea)
  • Therru (Tales from Earthsea)
  • Umi (From Up on Poppy Hill)
  • Yubaba (Spirited Away)
  • Yuki (The Cat Returns)

Minor characters / only mentioned:
  • Aiko, Kiyoko, NaokoRieSuzukiToko, Tsuneko (Only Yesterday)
  • Akiko, Yumi (Ocean Waves)
  • Anna, Constance, Donna, Giliora, Laura, Maria, Marietta, Monica, Sandra, Silvana, Sophia, Tina, Valentina (Porco Rosso)
  • AsakoKinuyoLouiseNaoShihoYuko (Whisper of the Heart)
  • DoraKokiriMakiUrsula (Kiki's Delivery Service)
  • EmilyHisakoNobukoSetsuYoriko (When Marnie Was There)
  • Hana, Miki, Nobuko, Ryoko, Sachiko, Saori, Sora, Yuko (From Up on Poppy Hill)
  • Hara, Jessica (The Secret World of Arrietty)
  • Hiromi, Naoko (The Cat Returns)
  • HoneyLettie, Madge (Howl's Moving Castle)
  • KarenKayo, Kumiko, Noriko, Toki, Yoshie (Ponyo)
  • Kaya, KiyoMoroToki (Princess Mononoke)
  • Kayo, Kinu (The Wind Rises)
  • Kita, Me, Sagami (The Tale of Princess Kaguya)
  • Lastelle, Obaba (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Winds)
  • Madge, Okami (Castle in the Sky)
  • MichikoRyouko, Yasuko (My Neighbor Totoro)
  • YukoZeniba (Spirited Away)

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