Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Love In Other Languages

So, Valentine's Day. I'm 'meh' to it, but it is an excuse for fun name opportunities. ;)

Here's how you say "love" in different languages; many are already used as names (marked with an asterisk; feminine unless stated otherwise).

  • Agapi (ah-GAH-pee)--Greek*
  • Ahava (ah-hah-VAH)--Hebrew*
  • Ai (eye, ah-ee)--Chinese*, Japanese* [also a common name element in Japanese]
  • Aloha (ah-loh-hah)--Hawaiian*
  • Amor (AH-mor)--Latin [for a more in-depth list of names based on Latin 'amor', look here]
  • Amor (ah-MOHR)--Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish
  • Amore (ah-MOHR-eh)--Italian
  • Amour (ah-MOOR)--French
  • Cariad (CA-ree-ad)--Welsh [related names are fairly common: Carys/Cerys (f), Ceri (f/m), etc]
  • Cinta (CHIN-tah)--Indonesian*
  • Elska (EL-skah)--Icelandic
  • Karantez (kah-RAHN-tez)--Breton
  • Kerenja (keh-REN-jah)--Cornish
  • Kerensa (keh-REN-sah)--Cornish*
  • Láska (LAHS-kah)--Czech
  • Liba (LEE-bah)--Yiddish*
  • Liebe (LEE-beh)--German
  • Mahabba (mah-HAB-bah)--Arabic
  • Meilė (MAY-leh [long 'eh', no English equivalent])--Lithuanian*
  • Mīla (MEE-lah)--Latvian*
  • Minne (MIN-neh)--[archaic] Dutch, [archaic] German 
  • Prem (prem)--Bengali*, Hindi* [masculine; feminine is Prema]

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