Monday, November 7, 2011

Usual Nickname, Unexpected Name--Jo/Joe

Joe has been such a common name for so long that it's even spawned idioms--"Joe Blow", "Average Joe", "Joe Public", etc. While Joseph is still an extremely popular name, just plain Joe has been steadily declining since the 40s. The feminine form, Jo, followed, while its usual given names--Joanna & Josephine--have had their ups and downs.

  • Jericho (JEHR-ih-koh, Hebrew)
  • Jethro (JETH-roh, Hebrew)
  • Joab (JOH-ab, Hebrew)
  • Joachim (JOH-a-kim, English)--form of Biblical Jehoiakim
  • Joash (JOH-ash, Hebrew)
  • Jolyon (JOH-lee-on, JOL-ee-on, English)--form of Julian
  • Jonas (JOH-nas, Greek)--form of Jonah
  • Joram (JOR-am, Hebrew)--form of Jehoram
  • Josiah (joh-SYE-ah, Hebrew)--alternate transcription is Josias

  • Adjoa (ahd-JOH-ah, Akan)
  • Georgette (jor-jet, French)
  • Jocasta (joh-KAS-tah, Greek)
  • Jocosa (joh-KOH-sah, English)
  • Josette (zho-SET, French)
  • Josiane (zho-see-AHN, French)
  • Marjolaine (mar-zho-lehn, French)

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