Sunday, November 27, 2011

Names for Every Palette

With autumn vanishing, and the world turning brown and white, it seems an appropriate time to distract myself with thoughts of color.

  • Alban (AHL-ban)--German, English; from Latin, "white"
  • Arun (ah-roon)--Indian [Hindi], "reddish brown"
  • Blaine (BLAYN)--English, from Gaelic, "yellow"
  • Blake (BLAYK)--from English blæc "black" or blac "pale"
  • Bruno (BROO-noh)--German, French, Polish, Spanish; from Latin, "brown"
  • Ciar (KEER)--Irish, "black, dark"
  • Donovan (DON-o-van)--Irish, "dark brown". Anglicized from Donndubhán.
  • Fionn (FIN or FYUN)--Irish, "white". Anglicized as Finn.
  • Flynn (FLIN)--Irish, "red". Anglicized from Floinn.
  • Fulvio (FUL-vee-oh)--Italian, from Latin, "yellow"
  • Gláucio (GLOUS-yoh)--Portuguese; from Latin, "bluish grey"
  • Lloyd (LOID)--Welsh, "grey". Another variant is Floyd.
  • Gray, Grey (GRAY)--English
  • Reed, Reid (REED)--English, "red"
  • Roy (ROY)--English, Scottish; from Gaelic Ruadh, "red"

  • Ai (ah-ee)--Japanese, "indigo" [can also mean "love"]
  • Amber (AM-ber)--English--"yellow-orange". Other forms include Ambre (French) & Ambra (Italian)
  • Baila (BYE-lah or BAY-lah)--Yiddish, "white"
  • Blanche (BLANCH or BLAWNSH)--English; from French, "white". Other forms include Blanca (Spanish) & Bianca (Italian).
  • Ciara (KEER-ah)--Irish, "black, dark"
  • Azzurra (ah-DZOO-rah)--Italian, "sky-blue". English form is Azure.
  • Emerald (EM-er-ald or EM-rald)--English; from Greek, "green"
  • Garnet (GAR-net)--English, "dark red"
  • Glesni (GLES-nee)--Welsh, "blueness"
  • Gwen (GWEN)--Welsh, "white, pure"
  • Iole (YO-lay)--Greek, "violet". English form is Iola.
  • Kamala (KAH-mah-lah)--Indian [Hindi], "pale red"
  • Lavender (LAV-en-der)--English, "pale purple"
  • Livna (leev-nah)--Hebrew, "white"
  • Melanie (MEL-an-ee)--English; from Greek, "black, dark"
  • Midori (mih-doh-ree)--Japanese, "green"
  • Nila (nee-lah)--Indian [Hindi], "dark blue". Sometimes transliterated as Neela.
  • Ruby (ROO-bee)--English; from Latin, "red"
  • Saffron (SAF-fron)--English, "yellow-orange"
  • Scarlet (SKAR-let)--English
  • Sienna (see-EN-nah)--English, "orange-red"
  • Sigal (see-GAHL)--Hebrew, "violet"
  • Sini (SEE-nee)--Finnish, "blue"
  • Uaine (WAN-yeh or OO-in-yeh)--Irish, "green"
  • Violet (VYE-oh-let)--English; from Latin Viola.
  • Xanthe (ZAN-theh or ZAN-thee)--Greek, "yellow"
  • Zuriñe (soo-REEN-yeh)--Basque, "white"

  • Ailbhe (ALV-yeh)--Irish, "white". Anglicizations include Alva, Elva, Alby & Alvy.
  • Cyan (sye-AN)--English, from Greek, "green-blue"
  • Phoenix (FEE-niks)--English; from Greek, "dark red"
  • Sable (SAY-bl)--English, "black"
  • Shani (shah-nee)--Hebrew, "scarlet red"

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